Jewellery Buying Mistakes

Five Jewellery Buying Mistakes You Should Be Aware Of

When we buy jewellery, our judgement is often clouded by emotions. And it is easy to end up with something that isn’t exactly what you were looking for. If you have regretted buying a particular item in the past, here are a few of the common mistakes that people make when acquiring jewellery.

Settling for Second Best

It is very easy to settle for an item that isn’t 100% what you wanted. And if the jeweller has a limited selection, you might be tempted to buy something that is not what you really wanted. If you approach an online antique dealer and tell them what you are looking for, they would be able to source anything.


The best way to avoid overspending is to set yourself a budget that will not see you overstretched. There is affordable antique jewellery you can buy from Kalmar Antiques, who are one of Sydney’s leading antique jewellers who are open 7 days a week. With a firm budget in mind, you can browse their website and view many fine examples of antique and vintage jewellery.

Failing to Do your Research

If you are buying a diamond or other precious stone jewellery, it is essential that you at least understand how a precious stone is graded. There are websites where you can learn all about the 4 Cs, which is how precious stones are graded. You can also find many free online resources with information about all aspects of antique jewellery. And by spending a few hours per week researching, you will soon become very knowledgeable about your chosen period and style.

Buying for your Partner

This can be especially tricky, and the last thing you want to do is buy your partner a necklace she doesn’t like. Take note of the jewellery she wears. And if you are still unsure, ask one of her friends for her opinion on a jewellery item before you buy it. If you are planning to surprise her with a marriage proposal, you really do need to research her style in jewellery, and, of course, know her ring size.

Buying from an Unethical Source

When buying antique jewellery, it is essential that you deal with a reputable antique dealer. One that has a good reputation within the industry. There are many fakes out there that look like the real thing. And it is only by dealing with an established antique dealer that you can be sure the item is genuine.

One needs to have a clear head when buying jewellery. And by taking all of the above into consideration, you should make some wise investments that will give you many years of pleasure. Once you forge an alliance with an established online antique jewellery dealer, you can always refer to them when you are looking to make a purchase, and should you wish to sell any items in your collection, the online dealer would pay top prices.

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