Making a house an inviting home takes a little effort but is well worth it. Any home can be improved with the use of the right elements. A couple or a single person in an apartment can start collecting furniture and accessories to last a lifetime. When they purchase their first home, these items go with them as a start to furnishing and decorating the new home. Even if a retired couple is going from a large family home to a smaller retirement home, the best decorating items and furniture can go with them.

8 Ideas to Bring any Home To Life

There are multiple ways to bring a home to life but let’s choose the 8 that are most promising and practical.

Number one would be to add personal touches such as creatively presented family photos or nature photos you have taken.

There are online photo processors that make photos become wall art. Ideas from Posterjack can be very helpful for a homeowner wanting to liven up their home walls. Your beautiful photos can be printed on canvas in different sizes. They can be in the form of canvas prints, gallery boxes, or acrylic prints in multiple size choices. They can be framed or unframed.

When a photo is printed in a large size, it becomes important wall art. And, you can have pictures you like or artwork you have created printed as attractive wall art. Your favorite photos can be printed in the same size and frames to form an attractive grouping on a wall. When the family or person moves, this beautiful wall art goes with them to the new home.

Number two would definitely be to make an attractive envelope to live in.

This includes walls, ceilings, and floors. Choose quiet colors that are easy to decorate around for walls, ceilings, and trim. A fresh coat of paint makes any space look fresh. Soft gray, beige, cream, or tan are good colors for large areas.

The ceiling does not have to be ceiling white. You can add a little of the wall color to the ceiling paint for a new look. Choose a wall color that everyone likes and goes well with existing furniture and wall art. The floors might only need a good cleaning. But, if the carpet or vinyl floors are dirty and worn out, spend the money to replace them with flooring that looks good with the walls and furniture.

Number three would be to clean and freshen existing furniture and add a piece or two of new furniture.

Then, arrange them in a way that allows conversation, entertainment, and free flow of traffic. Create a TV and gaming area, a reading area, and a conversation area. Consider adding an area rug to pull the furniture arrangement together.

Number four is to add layers to furniture pieces such as couches and chairs with attractive accent pillows and throws.

Mix several colors and patterns that look well together. Replace old window treatments with something new and coordinating with the new paint color on the walls. Window treatments add another layer of texture and color. Window treatments can consist of shades or blinds with fabric side panels or valances to add a little softness.

Number five is to choose and hang the family photos and wall art in attractive arrangements on feature walls for everyone to enjoy.

Try adding one or more mirrors to walls. You might decide to add wallpaper to one wall or one room. Choose a pattern that adds interest and color to coordinate with everything in the room. There are rolls of wallpaper in a great range of patterns and there are wallpaper murals that can create a mood or depict scenes from nature.

Number 6 is to take a new look at the home’s lighting.

This is an often-neglected part of home décor. Purchase new light fixtures for the ceilings and add some table lamps where they will help people read more comfortably. Add attractive mood lighting fixtures and task lighting. Add light to dark hallways, stairways, and corners.

Number seven is to take a new look at everyone’s bedrooms.

The bedroom is where each person can add their own style and personality. Buy new linens and new pillows for pop and comfort. Let each person choose a wall color and wall art. Redesign closets for better storage of clothing and accessories. Is there room for study desks for children with homework? Is there room for a comfortable chair, small side table, and a reading lamp?


Number eight is the kitchen, dining area.

This is where the family spends time preparing and eating food, visiting and sharing experiences. Make this area more attractive without spending a lot of money. Clean and refresh the kitchen cabinets with a coat of durable paint. Install new cabinet hardware. Improve lighting. Add a ceramic backsplash. Is there room to install a few shelves for accessories, cookbooks, or cookware?


Keeping the New Décor Looking Good

When all eight design ideas have been completed, look around to see if there is still room for improvement. Adding a few plants can help clean the air and enhance the room décor. Adding some storage pieces like shelving units, chair side tables or cabinets, or baskets can help eliminate clutter. And last but not least, the new décor will not stay attractive unless everyone keeps things orderly by putting their own things away so clutter does not build up.

Keeping a home clean and organized is important to get the most out of the new decorating. Dusting, sweeping, or vacuuming once a week keeps everything looking fresh and inviting. Keeping papers, games, magazines, and other clutter picked up and out of the way prevents the home from looking messy and uncared for. And, remember, a home is not a static thing. As the months go by more small changes can be made to keep things looking new and fresh. Wall art and family photos can be updated and changed as children grow or new art is created.

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

21 Replies to “Creative Ideas That Guarantee to Bring Your Home to Life

  1. Ang sarap naman tlaga SA pakiramdam na Meron Kang maayos at maaliwalas na bahay nakaka relax saka IBA iyong fulfillment na madadama mo since lagi din naman Tayo NASA bahay or marami tayong time na NASA bahay Tayo because of the quarantine napaka helpful Ng mga tips na Ito na pwede gawin SA bahay for me personally po Mai aapply ko tlaaga to SA bahay namen.

    1. true momshie bilang isang magulang napaka sarap sa feeling ang may malinis na bahay lalo ngaun uso ang mga virus .. yung kahit munti lang ang bahay niyo basta maayos at malinis daig mo pa nakatira sa palasyo.. hehehe at specially salamt sa mga tips mo momshie lalo na sa tulad wng first time mon…

  2. Ako gusto ko sa bahay ko gray color ng wall I’m minimalist kasi kaso wala pa sarili bahay pero panigurado pag nakapagpundar na ko sariling bahay magagawa ko na mga gusto kong design sa bahay yung ayos ng bahay na gusto ko and gusto ko talaga may frame na nakasabit family picture namin ohh diba maganda talaga magayos ng bahay and syempre malinis na bahay

  3. Totoo po yan Mommy na ang bahay na malinis ay very welcoming dahil maaliwalas sa mata. Ako kapag nagkaroon ng sariling bahay I want things to be personalized like yung multipurpose like yung ilalim ng hagdan na pwedeng gawing playhouse. Or yung ilalim banda na pwedeng gawing working station. Tsaka yung sa rooms na magkakasama pa rin kami, ayaw ko ng may sari-sariling room, so dapat DIY para maluwag pa rin po.

  4. Thanks for sharing those ideas momsh,very helpful talaga .Ako dream ko talaga yong magkaroon ng sariling bahay di man malaki basta maayos at malinis sapat na sakin yon..Yes momsh pag malinis talaga at nasa ayos ang lahat ang sarap tingnan maaliwalas .

    1. Yes to self decorating. Lalo na kung may hilig ka sa arts mas mapapaganda mo pa ang living room mo. No need to consult na for designer’s , Thanks for sharing Momshy Mhaan.

      1. True momsh pag maayos at maganda ang bahay mo di ka mahihiya tumanggap at mag invite ng bisita.isa sa pangarap ko ang magkaroon ng sariling bahay kahit malaki basta maayos at maganda tignan .. at ang importante ay ang malinis na kitchen at dining ..

    2. Thanks for sharing momsh.. maganda at maaliwalas ang bahay tignan kapag malinis at the same time dagdagan mo pa ng magagandang designs ng furnitures.

  5. thanks for sharing momsh maganda po para sa isang bahay ang malinis maayus ang pagkakasalansan ng gamit.yong mga taong pupunta sa bahay nyo siguradong matutuwa sila at magiging proud sayo.

  6. Yes po totoo momsh ang isang bahay po mganda ito tingnan lalo n kung malinis sa loob man o labas yung nkaayos ang mga gamit nkasalansa ng maayos maaliwalas ito tingnan at itoy ng dudulot pa ng mgandang pakiramdam .turo nga po sakin ng mama ko n kahit maliit ang bahay basta po malinis at maayos tingnan mgiging mganda ito sa paningin ng bawat bisita .

  7. Ang saya kasi sa pakiramdam na maayos ang bahay, malinis loob at labas.. malaki man o maliit kelangan laging malinis ang bahay .. maaliwalas sa pakiramdam, relaxing pa.. dream ko magkaroon din ng sariling bahay.. maganda yung ventilation, madaming plants and flowers sa paligid.. yung simpleng bahay lang pero masarap tirahan.

    1. Mas maganda talaga magkaroon ng malinis at maayos ba bahay. Yung maaliwalas tingnan. Lalo pa ngayon na sa bahay lang tayo. Mas maganda ang mood mo kapag nakikita mo na maayos ito.

  8. Hilig ko din ang mag ayos ng bahay. Sarap po kc mag relax kapag maayos, maliwalas at malinis ang bahay.

  9. Hilig ko din mag self decorate sa bahay. And yes pag malinis at maayos ang bahay mas lalong maganda at nakaka relax. Lalo na ngayon nauuso ang pag decorate ng plants sa loob ng bahay, mas nakakarelax at instragamable talaga ang dating pag nasaayos lahat ng gamit.

    1. Napakagandang mga tips at idea para sa bagong bahay or kahit old house na gusto iparenovate.. ill do this tips din..

  10. Thankyou mommy for sharing this tips para mas mapaganda pa ang bahay..masarp po tlga my sariling bahay lalo sa panahon ngayon na nag uupa momthly mong binabayaran pero hindi namn mapupubta sayu kaya mas magandang mag pundar ng sariling bahay at ang sarap mag decor ng bahat lalo pa pag my mga can do different theme sa mga kwarto nila

  11. Isa sa mga dream ng mag aswa ang makapundar mg sariling bahay. Tayong mga Babae ay gusto natin na tau ang mag oorganize Ng lahat sa bahay. Masarap bumuo ng pamilya na may sariling bahay.

  12. Salama sa pag bahagi nito mommy malaking tulong ito sa kagaya kong mommy sana soon matupad na yung pangarap ko mag karoon ng sariling bahay na lalagyan ko ng design at mapapanatili kong malinis at nakakarelax…

  13. Palagi ko ini-imagine yung magiging bahay namin (kasi nakikitira pa lang kami dito sa parents ko). May picture frame na display tapos may accent of mint green and yellow. Yung kitchen and dining area meron din bar table. Sarap mag-imagine, sana magkaroon din kami ng sariling bahay soon.
    Thanks for sharing this! Malaking help to sa akin!

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