Selecting appliances for a kitchen requires much more thought than just how it looks and functions. How the cooktop fits into the kitchen also matters.

This is especially the case for the cooktop. That’s because it’s the focal point of the majority of kitchens. The question is, though, what cooktop is best for space?

Consider this question carefully and get to know the most popular options, which are found here.

Induction Cooktops

An induction cooktop functions in a similar way to electric cooktops, but the main difference is that this cooktop uses electromagnets for cooking. These electromagnets are placed beneath the smooth cooking surface, and they generate resistance when electricity moves through them.

The resistance created heats the magnetic cookware that’s placed on the cooking surface. Keep in mind, while the food is cooking, the actual cook surface remains cool.

If non-magnetic cookware is used, it wastes electricity because no heat transfer can occur. An induction cooktop provides the best features of both electric and gas cooktops and is an eco-friendly option. Here’s the best induction cooktops available for purchase today to consider buying.


Electric Cooktops

An environmentally friendly electric cooktop is a popular option for houses of all sizes and styles. With the electric cooktop, it’s possible to reduce the temperature to a lower level than what’s possible compared to gas cooktops.

Two basic versions, the coil version, and smooth top, are available, each offering pros and cons. The primary drawback of electric cooktops is they don’t have the control that’s provided by gas cooktops.

A popular type of electric cooktops is a coil top stove. Most people are pretty familiar with this type of cooktop. They are sturdy and well-known. However, the oil type of cooktop requires more effort to get clean, because stains and spills are harder to get to.


Gas or Propane Cooktops

Powered by propane and natural gas, this type of cooktop is popular for serious cooks who appreciate the control and preciseness provided by gas. The burners on a gas cooktop are typically more difficult to clean, but the newer cooktops have a smooth surface, making them easier to maintain.

Also, with gas cooktops, users can monitor the flame, which is a beneficial safety feature. It also makes controlling the cooking much easier.


Cooktops Featuring an Overhead Hood

The majority of cooktops utilize an overhead hood to control the smoke and heat while it’s being cooked on. An overhead hood takes up space that’s able to be used for overhead equipment and counters. However, they do provide superior ventilation services, which is important, especially if a cook likes to fry food often.


Choosing the Right Cooktop

Selecting the proper cooktop for a kitchen is important as it’s going to impact the function and style of the space. Take some time to review all the options here to ensure the best of the best for space is found and installed.

Don’t rush this decision and take some time to find the right one. It’s going to pay off in the long run.

Keep in mind, with each of the cooktop options, there are an array of accessories and features that are available. These can help to enhance the cooking experience and ensure that the surface is safe, even when children are nearby.


Image by Solomon Rodgers from Pixabay

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