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7 Brilliant Car Hacks For Moms

Moms spend, on average, 6% of their day in their car, ferrying the kids back and forth to school, soccer practice, dance recitals, grocery shopping, family visits, and work commutes. When you are spending such a significant chunk of time in your vehicle. You want it to be comfortable, so here are some hacks to help.

1) Invest In Car Seat Covers

You will thank us for this one, we guarantee. Kids are known to be mucky – spilled drinks, crumbs from that drive-thru meal, vomiting incidents, and when they haven’t managed to get to the potty in time. Extend the life of your seats by investing in a set of Ford seat covers which can be removed and cleaned easily.


2) Use a plastic cereal dispenser for trash

We have all seen it – a car floor covered in empty chip packets and juice cartons, old leaflets and flyers, and baby wipes used to clean up sticky fingers. Keep it all in one place by using a plastic cereal dispenser as a trash can. Line it with a plastic bag first, and most of the trash should fit through the hole, ready to empty when it gets full.


3) Use travel sized soap boxes to store things

If you go on lots of long journeys, you will no doubt be looking for ways to entertain the children that do not involve the use of an iPad. Store crayons and decks of cards, or other small toys in a travel-sized soapbox. Which can be kept in the door pockets or the car seat pocket.


4) Use cookie sheets as trays

In the same vein as above, clean cookie sheets make excellent trays for drawing and coloring on, using sticker books, etc., and even the odd cheeky drive-thru meal.


5) Use silicone cup cases to keep cup holders clean

Cup holders get so grimy and dirty and are so tricky to get clean.  We put our drinks in there. We throw our loose change in there and little odds and ends such as hair ties and bobby pins, lip glosses, etc. Line them with silicone cup cases to keep them clean. Just whip them out and give them a wash when they start looking a bit grubby.


6) Make your air freshener

Decent air fresheners can cost a small fortune, so make your own for a few cents. Get a clothespin and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to it. Then clip the clothespin to your air vents to make your car smell amazing!


7) Have a snack basket in the trunk

You never know when that short trip out becomes an all day thing, or god-forbid, you break down. Be prepared by having a snack basket in the trunk. Filled with bottles of water or juice, wrapped cookies and cereal bars and other little treats. Make sure they have an extended date on them, and you keep an eye on them, so they don’t go off before you use them.

Photo by Muhammadtaha Ibrahim Ma’aji from Pexels

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