I don’t remember the last time my teen said, “thanks, mom!”

Yes, gone are the days when our kids appreciated the small things that we do for them.

But, we can bring back that appreciation when we realize that they are no longer children, but emerging adults. A great opportunity to show them that you understand their maturity is with a grand birthday party.

Choosing teenage birthday party places can be tricky because we need to find a middle ground between clowns and cocktails.

Use these exciting birthday hot spots to get teens appreciating all we parents do for them.

Exercise the Mind in an Escape Room

Emerging teens in a mind-boggling, real-life puzzle give them a chance to work as a team and prove they’re worthy of independence.

An escape room offers an exciting way to celebrate a teen birthday party because they feel like they are living on the edge, but in reality, it is a controlled and supervised game.


Party with Nature

What better way to get teenagers to ditch their phone than teenagers birthday party themes that include nature, after all, it improves their health.

When camping at a national park or renting a cabin in the forest teenagers can learn about safe ways to navigate the wilderness. From hiking to gathering wood for a fire, birthday places for teens never get more intimate than in the silence of nature.


Arcades Are Still Cool

Winning prizes never gets old no matter our age. Classic teenagers birthday party themes should include arcades where everyone gets to celebrate with a keepsake.

Arcades offer high-energy games and can usually accommodate a teen birthday party by offering meal options and group deals. We can also opt for bringing the arcade into your home with video game console rentals.


Dinner Party like an Adult

Teen birthday party places can also include the comfort of home or a favorite restaurant. A dinner party allows them to cook or choose a personalized menu for their fiends.

From an elegant display of hors d’oeuvre to a rustic BBQ, teens can choose their perfect theme, food, and decor. It puts them in the driving seat to make important adult decisions.


Theme Park Thrills

As a teenager, life is full of thrill-seeking. I say, why not give them some thrills on a teens birthday with a day filled with rolling coasters?

Getting a small, intimate group of our teen’s best friends together won’t cost too much since theme parks have discounts for large groups.


Getting Creative with Teenage Birthday Party Places

Letting our teenagers help with party planning and choosing their teenage birthday party places will get them more excited about the next stage of their lives as responsible adults.

They can use their creativity to make their party extra classy by using personalized DIY party decorations. Get started planning the party here.

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