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Freshening Up: Six Tricks for Better Indoor Air Quality

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Good air quality will change the way you view life. There are millions of people living with the side effects of low air quality. Even if you don’t suffer from seasonal allergies, bad air can still affect your daily life. Find out how to improve your indoor air by using the following six tips.

Keep Plants Outside

There is no denying how great indoor plants look. With that beauty comes a lot of problems that your body can’t deal with. Plants are allergy triggers that can send the toughest person into a sneezing fit. Everyone is affected differently, so one group of people will react differently than others. There are even groups completely unaffected by plants. But indoor plants are a different kind of problem depending on their placement. Plants that are kept indoors collect mold, so whether you’re allergic to plants or not, this will be a problem. The alternative is to use fake greenery in its place so that you don’t have to deal with the side effects. Fake plants need care since without it they collect dust and can be just as harmful. You can find a fake version of any plant, and they are all safe to keep indoors without any major repercussions.

Keep A Fresh Filter In The Rotation

Dirty filters will circulate the worst kind of air indoors. Without a properly working filter, dust, airborne irritants, and pollen will push right through your system. And since there is already months’ worth of uncleaned debris stuck in the unclean filter, you are technically introducing the indoors to a gumbo of air pollutants.  Keep clean filters nearby instead of waiting until they need to be changed. This promotes the good habit of switching out filters on the regular instead of waiting until they nearly collapse. When you remove a filter, don’t leave it indoors. Immediately take it outside and put it in the trash. There are multiple ways for an unattended dirty filter to send contaminants all over the place. A playful dog, kid or even regular negligence could be harmful to the healthy air in your home. Units that constantly use dirty air filters are in danger of breaking under the additional stress. So if a constant rotation seems tedious, think of it as a way to save thousands in repair bills.

Air Purifiers Are Life Changers

Air purifiers have changed the lives of many people. They are easy to set up, have a low power draw and doesn’t get in the way of your furniture or appliances. An air purifier is the last hope of users that can’t get rid of an allergic source indoors. Pet dander, hair, dust and many other allergens are dealt with by using a quality air purifier. There is no one size fits all option with air purifiers. They come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Placement is just as important as the type of unit you buy. The idea is to put it in the most commonly used areas of the house. If possible, this would also include places where the source of allergens in the most active. Consumers can pair air purifiers with dehumidifiers for a more balanced effect. They work well together and should be a priority buy for indoor use.

Check The Floors

The material used for a floor doesn’t matter. Whether it is carpet or hardwood, keeping the floor clean is important for indoor air. Carpets hold the most dirt and are the most likely to have the most variety of allergens. Using a vacuum with a HEPA filter will help out tremendously during normal cleaning. But it also requires the product to have powerful suction to get rid of all problems associated with the carpet. An unfortunate side effect of cheap vacuums is that they blow dust right back out through the exhaust. This compounds the problem and makes it extremely difficult to keep the indoor air clean. Hardwood and laminated floors are easier to maintain but still require attention. Try to clean high traffic areas in your home before they accumulate too much dirt. Sometimes this means going over the same area several times before it is free of dirt. Harsh chemicals used for cleaning will cause more harm to your allergies than the contaminants itself. Stick to indoor friendly cleaning products so that you don’t overload your senses.

An Open Window Makes A Small Difference

Cold weather doesn’t mean that the windows should stay shut. Fresh air is welcome year-round, and it could recycle a lot of the bad air out of your home. When appropriate, open the windows to let fresh air in. This is a really important tip if there are a lot of cooking fumes in the kitchen. Opening a side window will allow the bad air to escape while bringing in fresh air from outside. This works both ways, and windows should be closed when there is a lot of activity happening outside.

Find The Sources Of Pollution

Seek out and find the sources of pollution on the inside of a building or home. By dealing with it directly, you’ll know the required steps to preventing it from being a problem. Some sources are more complex than others and will require professional help. Pollution sources that output asbestos and pesticides should be dealt with immediately. Carbon monoxide is one of the biggest causes of lowered air quality indoors. Homes powered by gas should be especially careful of avoiding the effects of carbon monoxide. It contaminates the air, and at higher volumes can lead to death. Deal with indoor pollution before it becomes a lifelong problem by finding all the necessary sources.

Wrap Up

Without the right setup, you’ll be fighting a losing battle. The quality of your air is something that requires special attention. Not only will it improve your health, but it will also change the way you think about pollution. Keep indoor air fresh and reap the benefits of a healthy life.

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