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Seafood is rooted in heritage, in culture and in the lifestyle of those who create and make it. Every country and community has its own way of creating seafood treats that have become staples in their communities, homes and travellers all around the world. Here are 5 rare seafood treats that you simply must try!

Bluefin Tuna

Weighing up to 2000 pounds and nearly 13 feet, bluefin tuna is one of the largest tuna breeds in the world. Belonging to the mackerel family, bluefin tuna throughout the years have become a commodity and a highly prized fish, making them a rare delicacy now. Its value as high-grade fish in the sushi markets have seen it targeted although conservation efforts are now in place. Bluefin tuna has a very pronounced flavour at its highest maturity level, with a meatier taste and a smooth texture which has made it a treat everyone should try.


Found only on the Catalan Coast of Spain, these sea slugs hold rare equity in the world. Considered a delicacy in Spain, espardenyes carry an earthy flavour similar to a monkfish or scallops. Most of the time they are fried and dipped in tomato sauces and get their name of the espardenyes sandals because the shape of the sea slugs represents the soles of the traditional sandals themselves.

Gong Gong

The Asian version to France’s escargot, Gong Gong (or Laevistrombus Canarium) while the West know it as Conch is a sea snail delicacy. It is yellowish-brown in colour with a thick outer lip and is usually boiled and served. Some keep it in the shell while others take the flesh out and fry it with soy sauce and ginger. The Conch is known for its distinct oceanic taste and a hint of salt that blends perfectly when dipped in a sauce made up of lime juice, soy sauce and ginger. Unlike escargot that is usually eaten in a plated manner, the gong is usually dissected in a no-frills kind of way – with hands and digging deep into the shell to enjoy the flesh.

Wild Sea Scallops

Found by the Atlantic Ocean, the wild sea scallop family mostly farmed off the northeastern shore of the US and Eastern Canada. Known for its light scent and sweet taste, wild sea scallops in the shell are perfect in butter, baked or broiled as a main dish or appetizer.


A rare treat that can only be found in Iceland, the Hakarl is Iceland’s national dish. Hakarl, known as fermented shark, is known for its acquired taste and rather fishy nature. Mostly made from the Greenland shark or basking shark from the North Atlantic, the Hakarl is prepared by burying the body in the sand and leaving it to decompose for three months. After three months it is unburied and hung to dry for another five months. The fermentation process is done to help take away any poisonous substances left as well as to enhance the flavour of the fish. It is then served in cues along with alcohol.

Seafood is prepared in many ways depending on where you are. So be open and take a dive into these seafood treats.

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  1. I love sea dood momshie sasarap ng mga yan.. Kaso not afford yung iba masyadong mahal pero pag may sobra sa budget bumibili padin ako yung hipon at alimango ay grabie.. Favorite ko yun..

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