The Simple Joys with Joy! [Plus dishwashing liquid hacks!]

Mar 4, 2019 | Parenthood & Family | 3 comments

We greet the year 2019 with joy and excitement as we are about to welcome our newest member of our family.

I’m 39-weeks pregnant as of this typing, but as the days draw closer to my due date, I feel anxious about the challenges of having two boys to raise and care for. You know, boys will be boys. 😊 What kind of parenting should I do this time? Should I be stricter or lenient? Will my energy be able to cope up an active four-year-old boy while nursing my newborn? How about managing the household needs? Also, will I still be able to find time to fulfill my duties as a wife? And my biggest question is, how can I do all these things without letting go of myself in the process?

Honestly, I cannot do all these alone. Thankfully, I’ve got a husband who supports, encourages and my extra dose of energy. He is the best support system I’ve ever had. Ever since he is always there 100% and letting me do all the things that I love. From giving up my corporate career and turned myself into a stay-at-home mom, to a blogger, and to a Professional Makeup Artist.  People say I am very lucky to have such a supportive husband like him, which is entirely true. He’s a God’s gift. Regardless of the challenges I’ve been through in my life, that includes losing both of my parents early, I still thank God for giving me more reasons to move on and live a happy life.

I realized that despite my uncertainties, I could live a worry-free life because of my husband.

Why worry when we have the best partnership in providing only the best for our two boys. And at the same time, doing the things I’m very passionate about.

And since household chores are every mom’s burden, I always choose quality products that can give me zero-worries. Before, washing the dishes is such a hassle and takes a lot of my time. Especially since I am preparing three meals a day for my family; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So just imagine how many times I need to wash the dishes. And instead of making happy memories with my son, I get irritating memories with the dirty dishes. One time I remember my son asked me to assemble his train set so that we can play with it. And my response to him was, “I’ll be right there, I just need to finish cleaning up the dishes.” But because of the hard-to-remove grease or “SEBO”, my son fell asleep waiting for me to finish. And that broke my heart knowing my son kept waiting just because of doing the dishes.

Good thing, I learned about the Best-ever Joy which has more cleaning power to remove “sebo”.

Joy definitely has given me the opportunity to enjoy a worry-free lifestyle. With its best ever formula, I can wash everything from our pots to dinnerware with just one drop. It is very economical and helps us a bit in our financial savings. Back then when I was using those other brands, I noticed that it only lasts a week maybe because there is no means to measure your usage, unlike the Best-Ever Joy, its one drop can go a very long way. Also, the Best-Ever Joy gives you true value for your money because you can use every drop, unlike other paste type brands that harden and sometimes becomes lumps of chalk-like clay that is unusable.

I also remember while using other dishwashing soap to wash my hubby’s lunch box, rinsing it completely took a lot of time and water. I remember my husband complaining that his favorite Wife-Cooked Baon turned to an Appetite ruining combination of Sebo and unwashed Soap Paste and I remember that I was in a hurry to wash his lunch box that day. But now with the Best-Ever Joy, removing the grease and rinsing it completely is now as easy as taking a selfie and posting it on FB. My Hubby never complained again since every time he comes home all I can see is an empty Lunch-box and a Big Full Belly of my Hubby.

Ngayon mas may oras na ako sa pamilya with Zero-sebo and #zeroworries Joy, hindi ko na kailangan ulitin ang mga hugasin.

Apart from its best cleaning power, would you believe it has other amazing uses? One, you can use it as a DIY lubricant for those annoying screeching doors. It can also be used as a Spray on cleaning agent for your kitchen, just grab a little amount of JOY mix with water and your favorite essential oil to add a little aroma and TADAH!!! Say goodbye to those stained kitchen counters. And last but not the least, it can be used as a DIY Gel Ice Pack, just get a Zip-lock bag then pour JOY inside the bag, freeze it for 20 to 30 minutes and you have yourself a Gel Ice pack.

So to all my co-mommies out there who have the same worries as mine, don’t let these worries eat you up.

Instead, try to finish one task at a time and let the other tasks wait, they won’t go anywhere lols. What is important is that you spend every time you have with your kids, because they grow up so fast. Most importantly, don’t be ashamed to seek help or hire someone to lend you an extra hand. Because we all deserve to enjoy a worry-free life.


  1. Russelea Abojon Guirigay

    im a sahm and ako nka toka sa lahat ng chores ! isa na don ay ang tambak na hugasin buti may Joy .. kaya more time with my kidDo.

  2. Jonna Cielo

    Sa JOY #zeroworries talaga! Trusted and safe gamitin medyo pricey pero syempre dun na tayo sa nakakasigurado para sa ating pamilya.

  3. Picky Princess

    I’m also a Joy user before, but when I heard about the harmful chemicals na nasa Joy ingredients like the sulfates I heard medyo di siya ok sa health natin. That’s why I am now using Human Nature’s Dishwashing Liquid, does an excellent job in removing grease and dirt. It also doesn’t dry my hands after the chore. Wala pang harmful chemicals. 🙂


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