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You need to be careful when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your sewers to prevent blockages which may lead to costly repairs. As well as having your drains cleaned regularly, there are some warning signs that you can look out for which may mean that you have a leaking sewer pipe on your property.

Backups, Blockages, And Slow Draining

If the water in your drains is slow to drain away, or you have signs of water backing up, this could be caused by a blockage in your sewers. Quite often using a plunger will not work if the obstruction is deep in the system, and chemicals can harm your pipes if exposed for long enough. Using a plumbing snake can be tricky, so the best solution is to call a professional and have them clean your sewers and pipes for you. A blocked sewer can be solved by 24/7 Drainage Solutions in no time at all, providing their services for commercial and domestic work.

Animals & Insects

If you start to see rats or notice a build of insects such as flies, this could also be a sign that you may have a faulty sewer which is leaking into your property somewhere. Rats will travel through sewers so if they start appearing in your garden you should look for the entrance that they are using, and you will most likely see a broken pipe. There are signs to look for though!

Tell-Tale Signs

As well as a build-up of insects and animals, there are other signs that you may have a problem with broken pipes or sewers. If you can smell the drains, then there is most likely a leak somewhere, and if you have a patch of grass which suddenly starts to get very green, this is also a sign. The nutrients from the waste pipe are soaked up by the grasses allowing them to appear very healthy and green, so it is a sign you should look out for when looking for a problem with your drains.

Mould In Your Home

Another warning sign that there is a problem with a waste pipe in your home is that a room starts to get mould building up, despite the place not being warm and moist. The mould that can grow from a broken sewer pipe only requires a 55% humidity level to flourish, so can soon take hold, and there will usually be an odour as well. A quick search online will lead you to websites that tell you not just the signs but also on how to deal with plumbing problems.

Preventing Problems

There are many articles you can find that give excellent tips on how to take care and maintain your pipes and sewers, to prevent problems from forming in the first place, ultimately saving you money. It is also advisable to have your drains professionally cleaned regularly to prevent blockages from forming and keep all your pipes and drains clean.

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