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As a fashion-smart lady, there will be no bliss in looking chic and attractive, but at the wrong occasion. Whether it’s at a colleague’s wedding, in a job interview, cocktail party or a corporate meeting, dressing appropriately is a lot more important than anything. People will judge you from how you look and more importantly, what you wear.

There are lots of dos and don’ts to observe when you need to make a bold fashion statement. For now, consider these:

1.  Wedding

Perhaps you’ve been invited to witness your friends’ exchange their vows and you can’t quite figure out how you will dress for the occasion. Or maybe someone needs a piece of your mind on what to put on when attending a wedding.

Well, it’s natural to dress in chic casual, but fashionable outfit. But that’s exactly the commandment that everyone will follow, meaning you may not make any fashion statement at all!

For the fashion-savvy individuals, dressing for a wedding should involve a little bit of prior planning. Basically, your choice of dressing should be dictated by, not just the theme of the wedding, but also the season and where the party is going down. These are some things you can easily be privy to – by either making a call to a planning committee member or the groom himself.

Ideally, a sexy casual, cotton knee-length sleeveless dress paired with just the right jewelry and open-toed shoes is sure to make you look sweet. If there will be a dinner party in the evening, Style Auteur’s Lauren A. Rothman recommends a beautiful semi-formal cocktail dress, matching chain choker necklaces, earrings, and a watch. Remember, a dress for a wedding is far much better than any other outfit, although you should not outshine the bride!

2.  Job Interview

You are dressing for a job interview, which simply means you should be on your best, official outfit. And as it’s always a norm, a suit is mandatory. Although, as recruiters would advise, there’s no problem if you think outside the box and still look formal and fashionable.

Depending on your sense of fashion, an ideal outfit to wear for an interview would be a cute sheath dress paired with a matching belt and a cardigan. A pencil skirt worn along with a bold-coloured blouse and an official jacket would still make you look decent in the interview room. And make sure they are impeccably clean, well ironed and fit your body perfectly.

The worst you can do is to look carefree or not-so-savvy with your outfit. Never wear jeans or any casual attire for an interview, even if you think dressing is a non-issue. Also, ensure that your official suit isn’t tight, skimpy or plunging.

3.  A Business Meeting

For a business meeting, your attire should not only be official but also reflect the ethos of the company. Dress conservatively even if everyone else isn’t and try to maintain a positive demeanour all through.

It doesn’t have to be totally formal per se – even trousers, knee-length shorts, and refined blouses are okay. However, whatever you choose should not look ripped, provocative or casual in any sense whatsoever.

4.  Evening Dinner Date

For a dinner date, wearing a black dinner dress and pair of heels is pretty much what every girl would do. But given how ubiquitous this is, such an outfit on a night that’s supposed to be romantic is an absolute turn-off!

So, to ensure you don’t offend your significant other, don’t look ordinary in your outfit. Basically, you shouldn’t underdress or overdress – just be yourself. And being yourself means you figure out where the date is happening and if you can customize your choice of attire to suit that. There’s no problem wearing a denim shirt or a quintessential buttoned-up blouse with a pencil skirt for a dinner date, provided the venue agrees with it!

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  1. Thanks for sharing mommy ang ganda my idea na ako anu dapat isuot pag my pinupuntahan hahah ako kasi kahit anung suot ko ok na ako mommy..Basta disente at di na madumi ok na siya sa akin.

  2. Mamsh Anong po kayang pwede kong isuot? Ikakasal yung pinsan ng asawa ko invited kmi pero syempre di kmi abay or sowhatever. Garden wedding sya. What should I wear ?

  3. What should I wear? Kasal ng pinsan ng asawa ko. Garden wedding sya. Di naman kami abay or sowhatever. Ano kaya ang dapat namin isuot? Help mamsh.

  4. Thanks sa tips na ito momshie.. Hirap ako sa mga susuotin ko kung minsan lalo na pag my lakad, chubby kasi ako kya hirap mamili ng damit kaya kung minsan san ako komportable yun na lang.. Ok ito my idea na ko sa bawat lakad ko kung anung bagay sakin na pwede ko. Suotin

  5. Salamat momshie sa information hehe dapat talaga appropriate ang kasuotan sa okasyon na pupuntahan

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