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Four Reasons To Buy Wholesale Diamonds

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Buying diamonds is a big financial decision to make, which is why no one ever rushes in doing them. Of course, aside from the fact that you need a lot of disposable income in order to purchase these precious stones. You need to be educated on the matter before you make these significant investments.

What are wholesale diamonds?

To start with, let’s get to know what wholesale diamonds are because knowing the difference between wholesale and retail purchases can be very influential to the decision of investing in diamonds. Particularly with regards to costs.

The term wholesale refers to the sale of commodities in quantity usually for resale. Existing on a large scale. In the case of wholesale diamond traders, they will purchase large orders directly from the source, which is the cutter. So that they are able to negotiate a lower price compared to what retailers will pay. In turn, they are able to sell these loose diamonds to the end consumers at a more affordable price compared to retailers. This then gives the end consumer a price advantage if they buy wholesale diamonds from a legit wholesaler rather than from a retailer.

Retailers purchase products, in this case the diamonds, from a wholesaler. And sell it to the end consumer for a higher price by adding value and rendering services. In the diamond industry, the jeweller will likely sell a diamond for your engagement ring with the additional services of cutting, setting, and packaging, among others.

Why buy loose diamonds?

There are many benefits to buying wholesale diamonds, also known as loose diamonds, including the following:

1. There are many options to choose from.

Diamonds come in numerous variants based on its cut grade, colours, degrees of clarity, and carat weight (also known as the four Cs of diamonds).  You can also choose from colourless diamonds up to the fanciest coloured diamonds, in cushion or princess cuts, among many others.

Indeed, there are many factors to consider when buying diamonds. So, if you are looking for the right diamond, it may be difficult to find them at local jewellery stores which have limited stocks and lesser options. Rather, you have better chances with diamond wholesalers who deal with wide variety of diamonds.

2. You can get the right diamond for a lower price.

When transacting with wholesale diamond traders, you have more chances of purchasing a raw diamond that comes in just the right size or shape. Or colour at a lower price than those offered in jewellery stores. This is thanks to the direct connection between the wholesaler and the cutter. Which eliminates other charges or mark-ups from middlemen.

Finding the most competitive price for a diamond will help curb the costs you will incur due to many hidden additional expenses involved when investing in diamonds. Which also translate to more savings for the investor.

3. You can create a diamond ring suited to your preferences.

Since you can have the precious stone cut exactly the way you want, you can be creative in designing your diamond ring to achieve your desired appeal. You can have the diamond set in a frame of your choosing so that it looks exactly like what you want for yourself or for your intended recipient.

4. You can get certified, conflict-free diamonds.

Diamonds are considered certified when they have been graded by an authentic gem laboratory based on their 4 Cs. So, when buying diamonds, it is highly recommended that you purchase a certified diamond to ensure its quality. And that’s what you are likely to get when you buy wholesale diamonds.

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