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Four Best Careers Alongside Motherhood

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Motherhood can be hectic, and, for many mothers, the desire to get back to work is strong. However, with the new routines of childhood, such as school pick-ups and play dates, it can be difficult to jump straight back into the number of hours and commitment that you were doing before your child was born. However, there are some careers that can be easily tailored to your new lifestyle, and this guide has gathered some of the best careers out there for working mothers.

Music Teaching

If you have a talent for music, music teaching is always in high demand and can be performed easily around the demands of motherhood. Although you will still have to find someone to look after your child during lessons, you can arrange lessons around your own schedule and when suits you best. This means that you can leave time to taxi your child to where they need to be, and enjoy motherhood to its full potential. However, you will also have a steady income at the same time.

You will need to hire a hall or set up a room in your house for lessons. Though, once this initial cost has been established, you will find that lessons such as piano and singing are always in demand from all age groups.

Personal Fitness

Personal fitness is another great career choice for working mothers as you will be able to tailor your schedule around your own needs. Additionally, teaching personal fitness can help you to get back into shape and maintain a regular exercise regime at the same time.

If you want to help other people achieve their fitness goals, you can take a personal training course which ends with a diploma. OriGym’s Manchester PT courses can be taken remotely, meaning that you can gain qualifications from your own home. This means that you can fit your career around the needs of your child.

Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is perfect for new mums, as this can be done solely from home, and you can decide how much work you would like to take on. All you will need is a laptop or computer, and you can adapt your writing to your schedule. The only requirement is that you meet the deadline.

You can find freelance work on websites such as Upwork and Freelancer, and you should contact independent magazines to query about work. You may also wish to look into content and copywriting websites such as Copify, which is an intermediary company who can connect you with employers who need one-off writing projects to be completed.

Primary School Assistant

There are fewer qualifications needed for becoming a primary school assistant than a fully-qualified teacher position. Being a primary school assistant means that your work will easily coincide with your children’s schedules. You will also learn more about parenting and the things that your children are learning in school, meaning that you can help them reach their full potential more easily.

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