Avon Fashions Body Illusion Sonia Seamless Pull-on Bra and Panty [Photos + Review]

I’m exactly 6 weeks postpartum as of this typing and yet, my body is still in the recovery period.

My tummy feels so sensitive and my incision hasn’t fully healed yet. If you follow me on my social media, you would know that I also suffered from cellulitis (a common bacterial skin infection) on my third day postpartum. And because of that, I had to stop breastfeeding and pump and dump my milk for a week due to my medications. It was really a tough week for all of us. It was depressing. But with the help and support of my husband and my boys, I was able to get through it. Thank God.

It was a pleasant surprise when I received a package from Avon Fashions a week ago. If you raid my closet, you would see a LOT of Avon products, from my makeup to innerwear. Avon is one of my go-to brands since I was in high school. Yep, my mom used to be an Avon Lady when we were kids.

The package consists of their newest Avon Fashions Body Illusion innerwear.

It is very timely since my body has changed due to my pregnancy and giving birth. And all I wanted is to wear something comfortable. I got Sonia Non-Wire Seamless Pull-on Bra and Panty in the color Pale Blush. They are gorgeous!

Sonia Non-Wire Seamless Pull-On Bra and Panty

Powered by the invisilite technology, it’s light, comfortable, and will never get in the way of what you are doing. That’s one less thing to worry about, PERFECT us, mommies! So we can focus on the things that really matter like chasing our kids! LOL.

Sonia Non-Wire Seamless Pull-On Bra, P899
  • Fabric feels like second skin, you’ll forget you are wearing anything.
  • 2x stretch for more flexibility so you can move freely.
  • Seamless, no visible lines for a smooth silhouette without compromising support.
Sonia Non-Wire Seamless Pull-On Bra [back portion]
  • Designed with soft, brushed shoulder straps for easy, adjustable comfort.
  • It has NO hooks and NO wires! Pull-on design for maximum comfort. This is definitely perfect for moms on-the-go!

Sonia Non-Wire Seamless Pull-On Bra [closer look]
Ultra soft fabric and has moulded comfortable cups.

Bra Size Measurement
Sonia Non-Wire Seamless Panty, P299
Sonia Non-Wire Seamless Panty [Close Up on fabric]

Silky fabric that feels like butter on the skin.

What I like about Sonia Non-Wire Seamless Pull-On Bra and Panty:

  • The fabric is so soft and comfortable to wear.
  • I like that it has no hooks and no wires, perfect for women on-the-go.
  • Even breastfeeding mommas like me could wear it because of the soft moulded cups.
  • No visible and bra lines even under skin-tight clothes.
  • Bra and Panty are available up to XL Size.
  • Price is reasonable since it is really a high-quality innerwear. Something worth to invest on.
  • You can order online at or thru an Avon Representative

What I don’t like:

  • None



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