Nine Questions to Ask to Help You Find and Buy the RV of Your Dreams

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Travelling by RV can give you and your family the best vacation experience ever. Owning your own RV can be a feasible and more convenient option to go for. However, finding the RV to buy can be very overwhelming and time-consuming, more so when you don’t know how to go about the same. You need an RV that feels right and comfortable for you and your family. There are a lot of considerations that you should make to guide you choose the RV of your dreams. Fortunately, the following questions will be vital to guide you during your search. Please read on.

1.    What is Your Budget?

This is a very important consideration to make. Your financial situation should guide you on which RV you should go for. It will guide you to make a decision on whether you’ll go for a brand new RV or a used one. Budgeting is also essential when deciding on whether you’ll pay for the RV in cash or through monthly installments. You need to include the costs of maintenance, fuel, parking fees, and internet options in your budget. Be keen enough during the calculation to ensure you do everything right.

2.    Why Do You Need an RV?

Knowing the reason behind needing something is very important. And an RV may not be an exception. Think of the RV as a house on wheels and where you and your family can have the best out of it. You need to ask yourself what purpose are you needing the RV for. This will help you determine if RV is exactly what you want. You don’t want to buy it then moments later, you realize you and your family needed something else. Are you intending to buy the RV for personal use or business purposes? Will you be towing a car behind the RV? If yes, what type of vehicle is that (not all vehicles can be towed behind the RV)?

3.    What Type of RV Are You Looking for?

Are you interested in an RV Class A, B, or C? Each of the RVs has its own pros and cons. Travel trailer, for instance, can be very advantageous when going to a campground, but you’ll need a car to travel around with. A 5th wheel has most living space hence there may be no need to add to your truck. Plus, you’ll enjoy the experience of having an apartment on wheels that can be convenient both during the day and at night. You can check the inventory of fifth wheels for more information.

4.    What Are Your Must-Haves in the RV?

When it comes to an RV, different people have different needs. Some people would prefer to have an RV with some luxury features while others are okay with the bare minimum such as the toilets and beds. You don’t want to purchase an RV that hardly has what you needed. Therefore, ensure to have a list of your must-haves early enough in order to make your search for the RV much easier.

5.    Does It Have a Warranty?

Almost all new RVs come with a warranty. But the warranties differ from one company to the next. You should look for a company that offers a warranty that’s favorable to your RV usage and needs. Used RVs may have warranties, especially those that have been in use for a short period of time – though they might not cover as much as those for new ones. Significantly old ones can hardly come with warranties of any kind.

6.    How Often Will You Be Using It?

There are several RV layouts existing each of which has its own pros and cons. By knowing how often you’ll be using your RV, you’ll know what type of RV to go for which will have what it takes. For instance, if you’ll be full-timing, features like kitchen usability, storage space, and bed size will be very important. After knowing how often you’ll be using the RV, try to take time in a number of them trying to think through how different tasks will be like in them.

7.    Where is Will You Be Going?

Are you planning to remain stationary in your rig for the better part of the year or will you be leaving to different places every other time? Once you have a rough idea of all the places you might travel to, it will guide you identify an RV that can handle the condition of the roads in such areas. It will be challenging getting around with a big RV in places like state parks or national parks. You’ll also be able to make a decision of the type of engine fit for such areas. You can look for an RV wired for solar if you’ll be boondocking and camping most of the time.

8.    How Safe is the RV?

Safety is a very key factor to consider when looking for an RV of your dreams. Different materials have been used in different RVs. Perhaps you should consider going for one made from strong and quality material to increase your safety odds. While almost all RVs could be having safety features installed inside, some have fewer and less reliable features than others. The price difference should not play a major role here since it’s better to spend more rather than risk major issues.

9.    How Big is Your Group?

The size of your group – whether family, friends or both – will guide you on the size of RV you should go for. If you’re having pets or children, you can consider dedicating some space for them where they can rest and play. Perhaps you might have some people crashing in once in a while and they’ll be thrilled to find just enough space for them in the RV. Consider to get yourself the RV that comfortably fits your group and the needs of each of them.


With the availability of several kinds of RVs in the market, buying the RV of your dreams can be very challenging. Especially when you’re not sure of what you’re looking for. However, asking yourself these questions will help you make an informed decision that suits your needs and lifestyle. Ensure to do a lot of research prior to making the purchase to avoid future regrets. Good luck with finding your next RV!

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