When You Need to Accessorize: 11 Ways that You Can Complete Your Outfit

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Ladies, I’m sorry to say; you’ll never be a fashion killer if you don’t know these basic tricks to put on accessories. Outfits alone can’t make the statement you want to, and getting accessories wrong can lead to a fashion disaster. Here’s how to mix accessories with what you wear without messing things up.

Avoid being matchy-matchy!

Your shoes don’t always have to match your handbag and headgear—the trend faded away. If possible, wear a statement bag of your favorite color and mix it with a different shoe color to make your look seem fresh and modern.

Try blending a plum-colored bag with matching animal print heels. The key to dressing alright all the time is to avoid being matchy without clashing the colors. Be careful with how you mix your colors. Do not break the basic rules.

Wear comfortable shoes if your style allows

Comfort is critical when the goal is to put your best foot forward. Chunky heels go well with long-wear outfits because your body weight spreads evenly throughout the shoe. Another thing that works; try a few extra inches if you choose to consider thicker heels.

But if you’re a skinny pumps chic then sticking to 1-2 heights can help you maintain balance. If you must walk with caution when wearing three-inch heels, then save them for less busy occasions like theatre nights.

Keep fingernails clean

If you must wear a statement ring, or several thin bands, ensure your fingernails look as pretty. You don’t have to worry about a full manicure, file your nails, conduct a quick polish change, and clean them, so all fingers are neat and even.

If there’s no time for color, add a top coat to strengthen your nails and prevent breakage. You can choose from square with round corners to oval to stop breakage. Unkempt nails draw attention, and no one will see your classy oversized ring.

Blend your metals

Accessorizing has come a long way from the days of matchy-match details. Consider warm-toned jewelry (like a gold necklace) harmonized with a stylish silver statement piece like studs or a cuff.

The best way to take the best guess out of mixing metals is to allow one shade dominate: choose your best metal and make it your base, then add in a few contrasting accessories. That is the key to mastering blending effortlessly as advised by this helpful website.

Shop wisely—know your jewels before you carry them home

After shopping, the decision about what you put on narrows down to your collection. That’s why you need to be extra keen when and forward-thinking when browsing a store for new accessories. To dressing to kill; one must master the art of mixing their wardrobe with their jewels. So when shopping for ornaments, apart from your preferences, consider what you have in your closet, what you expect to buy and the authenticity of the item.

Shop from many different dealers so that you get a range of tastes from various designers.

Don’t over-accessorize

To liven up an outfit, it is advisable to add at least one of your favorite statement pieces. It’ll make you looks go from good to wow.

The problem with trying to include all your best accessories in one look is you often end up looking so sophisticated that everybody goes trying to figure out what style you are trying to pull. Plus, you don’t have to overthink which additions match and work, when you settle for one prominent accessory, e.g. a bib necklace.

Accessorize to the occasion

Make sure your accessories match the event— just like you dress to the occasion. Learn about new trends to find out what’s accepted where. You don’t want to wear jewelry that will get all eyes turned on you for the wrong reasons.

Remember, while fashion trends are constantly changing, some aspects remain unchanged and committing such fashion offenses can have you as a top story in many event gossips. Avoid shiny jewels for official meetings as the sparkle can be distractive instead of attractive to the audience. For busy days, pick jewels that will ensure comfort and not a long necklace that you’ll have to struggle with when you need to be moving fast.

Wear your Jeans in many different ways

Denim is one style that forbids you from sticking to one look and inspires you to mix and match. With jeans, you can add more professional pieces, e.g., a blazer and pointed pumps and a tee. Lastly, you can add taste to your look with wedges or heels and leave your sneakers for exercising duties.

Never leave your wrists “unaccessorized”

Fashion stylists recommend wearing one statement piece or trying multiple bracelets to make a more classy statement. If possible, purchase a set of several bracelets sold together. Or try to get a creative look by trying what’s already in your jewelry box. It is possible to get a perfect look with what you already own.

Heavy clothing is “accessorizable” too

Dressing as the weather dictates should not stop you from looking fashionable. Heavy or too much can make you forget about additions and lead to a dull look.  Stay fashionable all through by looking for fashion that matches with the season.

When unsure, go for a long necklace

Long necklaces have the power to perk up your look and boost your confidence. No matter what look you are trying to accessorize; your jewelry should always work for you—try a long neckpiece that extends a little below the bust and makes you look even taller and leaner.

The bottom line

To accessorize without looking like a clown, you must master the above rules. You can never feel okay making accessory mistakes if you really understand why people accessorize their looks. It is to make a statement, and the statement you make depends on how well you blend the jewels, and how well you match them with what you wear.

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