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Dental Problems an Orthodontist Can Remedy

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Orthodontics is primarily concerned with the jaw and teeth alignment and there are many dental issues that fall into this category.

A person’s bite can often cause tooth erosion, and unless the issue is dealt with promptly, it could cause further complications. Children are especially in need of regular oral examinations. As their teeth grow and develop, and straightening devices can correct crooked teeth before it becomes a problem. Here are just a few of the common dental conditions that an orthodontist can deal with.

  • Overbite

This is caused by protruding front teeth (buck teeth), where the upper front teeth are too far forward. This can be corrected using a special correction device, called Invisalign, which is a clear plastic tray that can be removed, which is ideal for cleaning. An online search will help you to locate an orthodontist Gold Coast‌‌‌‌ residents recommend who can suggest to you a course of action to correct the overbite.

  • Underbite

When the front lower teeth are prominent, this is called underbite and the orthodontist would decide on how best to realign the jaw. If a child has this problem, the specialist can correct the misalignment over a period of time. Which is one of the reasons why children should have regular dental examinations. Each case would be assessed on its own merits, while the orthodontist has many devices that can correct underbite. Which enables him or her to prepare a suitable course of treatment.

  • Crossbite

A healthy alignment sees the upper front teeth come down just in front of the lower teeth. While crossbite causes the upper and lower teeth to meet together slightly out of sync. A corrective device can be created by the orthodontist, which will gradually realign the top and bottom teeth. All children should visit an orthodontist at least once a year to ensure that the teeth are correctly aligned, and should there be an issue, the dental expert can recommend a course of treatment that will ensure there are no further complications.

  • Crowding

If there are too many teeth trying to erupt, this will cause movement. And the orthodontist would likely recommend an extraction to allow the teeth to spread naturally. Some people have unusually large molars and this can easily cause problems, especially if the condition is left untreated.

  • Spacing

When a person loses a tooth for any reason, this allows the two teeth either side to spread. Which causes the roots to loosen. Teeth should have support on both sides and losing one results in a lack of pressure and allows the other teeth to develop in a chaotic manner. There are many types of corrective devices that are specifically designed for a condition. And with the help of an orthodontist, the problem can usually be corrected. Space maintainers can be used when a child’s milk teeth have gone. Making sure there is adequate space for the permanent tooth to erupt.

If you would like to see an orthodontist, a Google search will bring up a list of local clinics and with their expert help, any misalignment can promptly be treated.

It is important that children have regular oral examinations to ensure proper development. And with good oral hygiene practices in place, the teeth will develop in a healthy way.

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