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Five Tips To Protecting Your Home During The Holidays

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Are you planning to travel to a holiday destination? Before you do, you need to take some serious security measures to ensure that your home is safe for the period of time that you’ll be away. Intruders tend to take advantage of this time to break in and steal your valuable items.

So here are 5 tips to protecting your home during the holidays:

Consult With Your Neighbors

Before you travel off to your holiday destination, it is advisable that you inform your neighbors of your absence from your home for the period of time you’ll not be around. Your neighbors will help keep watch over your house and notify you of any suspicious activity that they may spot in your absence.

They can also park their vehicle at the driveway of your house to make an impression that someone is home. You can also give them access to the front door where they can be able to switch on the security lights at night. Do this if you have a high level of trust for your neighbor.

Reinforce Your Home’s Entry Points

To keep thieves deterred from breaking into your home while you’re away on holiday, it is vital that you fortify all the entry points to your house in a way that they wouldn’t be able to access and break into it.

The major entry points into your house are the front door, the back door, and the garage door. The back door is always hidden and out of view for most houses and so thieves will maximize on using it as an access point for them. Ensure that you set up quality locks and use strong doors that are impossible for burglars to break into.

Don’t Expose Yourself As A Vulnerable Target

Most people do things that expose them as vulnerable targets for burglars to break into their homes and rob them while they’re away on holiday. Some of the things that can make you a target are announcing that you’ll be away on holiday. Some leave a note on the door stating that they are not around. Others publish it on social media.

Doing so makes your house the main target for burglars. Avoid being predictable by all means. Do not publicly expose your travel plans to the public.

Keep Your Windows Sealed

There have been numerous reports of house break-ins through windows. Windows are an easy avenue for thieves to gain access into your house, so before you leave, ensure that you check every window and ascertain that it is properly closed. You should be more mindful of this if you have small kids and teenagers living in your house as they tend to leave the windows open.

Ensure also that your curtains are properly set in such a way that intruders cannot peep in and see what’s inside your house.

Set Up An Alarm System

Having an alarm system with cameras and a phone app where you can be able to monitor your home even from a remote location is practically the best security measure you can implement during the holiday season and beyond.

You need to get a professional trusted security company to install a security system for you. To cut the hustle for you, we have a recommendation of the best alarm security provider. Check out alarm relay.


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