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So, You Want to Become an SQL Developer?

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SQL (structured query language) developers work to maintain, design and put in place SQL databases. There are specific roles available to someone looking to get into this field including database developers and web developers. If you have an interest and education in IT, plus great problem-solving skills, you could be well on your way to becoming an SQL developer. Here are the steps you must take to get a job in this field.

Getting a Bachelor’s Degree

There are many IT majors that are relevant when applying for jobs as an SQL developer. This includes a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems (also known as CIS), computer science, or any other IT related major. If you have a degree that you earned years ago, this may be a bit outdated as technology is often changing. Check with companies that you are applying for whether you need to update your education before applying. If you’d prefer to learn on the job, an internship may be just what you have been looking for to get into the SQL industry.

Experience Is Key

To become an SQL developer, you need experience working with SQL database systems. Usually, companies look for someone with around two-five years’ experience, depending on the position. You may be lucky though, as those graduating recently may be able to find entry-level positions as developers or programmers. You also need to know your stuff when it comes to calculus, computer algorithms, and algebra.

What Skills You May Need

There are many skills that companies are looking for in an SQL developer and the more of these you can show, the better your chance of standing out from the crowd in your job search. To become an SQL developer, you need to have great communication skills, be great at problem-solving and, very importantly, you will need strong analytical skills. You are also required to have knowledge of server integration services and server reporting. If your problem-solving skills are on top form, a job in troubleshooting could be right for you. Online resources such as this article from Secure Data Recovery can show you the most common SQL server security issues.


A bachelor’s degree does not mean the end of your training, as some companies may also prefer that you have a certificate in a relevant area. This may be what helps you stand out from the crowd when looking for jobs, especially those higher paid ones. Some of the relevant certifications you may want to get as an SQL developer include the Oracle SQL Developer Certified Associate or the Microsoft CPD (Certified Professional Developer). Both are gained through an exam at the end of the course.

The more experience you have behind you, the more chance you have of getting your dream job as an SQL developer. Once you have a bachelor’s degree in an associated major, you can start at the entry level or gain extra certifications whilst working for an IT company. The annual earnings for SQL developers start at around $70,000 and so this is a great job to get into if you have the knowledge and skills.

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