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Tips to Wake Up Kids in the Morning Without Yelling

Unless there’s a fun activity and it’s the weekend, your kids probably hate getting out of bed in the morning. You probably did when you were a kid, and when they have kids, they’ll probably feel the same too! We don’t blame them or you. Each day they have to get up to go to school. And you’ve likely got a list of errands and chores as long as your arm to work your way through too.

What’s more, it can feel like Groundhog Day when you have to go in and tell the little ones to get themselves out of bed. And get ready or they’ll be late for school which can be massively frustrating. It’s most definitely frowned upon to drag them out of bed by their feet. So alternative methods need to be put in place.

Yelling is also not good for anyone either. You’re venting your frustrations, and the children will only react to being shouted at in a way that will further anger you. Therefore, it’s beneficial for you all if you use different methods to achieve the ‘get ‘em up goal’ come the morning.

Here are some of the better things to do to get children out of bed in the morning:

Get the family pet involved

If you have a pooch in the house, you can enroll them in an effective role that will get the kids up in no time at all. This is a great non-technology option to try out. Providing your pet isn’t going to just hop up on the bed and join them in a snooze!

Simply call the dog upstairs and leave the bedroom door slightly open, leaving them to make their way in to give the kids a happy wake-up call. The kids aren’t going to be mad at their four-legged friend. When they’re showing them so much affection by licking them and fussing to get some attention!

Give them a few minutes and then call the dog out. If they need to go in for another licking session, then do so. But once the children are awake, you should be ensuring that they remove themselves from under the sheets and get cracking for the day ahead.

Is the sleep plentiful enough?

Children require notably more time to sleep compared to adults. It’s due to the fact that they’re developing in physical and mental terms.

It’s recommended that kids receive in the region of 10 hours of sleep per night,’s Sarah Cummings says. Experiencing less that amount can have detrimental effects on their behavior, including struggling to get out of bed in the mornings.

With this in mind, you, as a parent, should be doing everything you can to get them sleeping soundly nice and early.

There are all kinds of distractions and temptations that will seem much more exciting than heading off to bed. But if you make your kid’s room a place that they associate with good sleep while also making sure it’s an effective place for this too, then you’re much more likely to see success in the sleep department.

Don’t allow them to dictate their bedtime, and keep TVs and smart devices to a set time in the evening with at least two hours between using them and going to sleep.  Other things that can hinder good sleep include:

  •      Being over-tired
  •      Poor diet
  •      Lack of exercise

Use these pointers as a reference so that if there are problems surrounding getting to sleep at night for your kids. You can address them appropriately and in an informed way.

Wake up the nippers once you’re in the right frame of mind

You can be up in the morning and not feel too chipper. But don’t let that be the start to the day your little one has to contend with. Allow yourself some time to get in the right mindset to at least be happy and chirpy.

Gently waking them up with a nice “good morning, rise and shine!” can actually not just do wonders for making them feel happy but for you too. As a parent, you have the ability to set the family’s day up as a cheerful one, full of love and positivity.

You can try starting your day by meditating into a place of happiness before the kids are awake, or you can do some as a family before heading out the door to start the day.

Having this type of thing in their lives will help them to naturally wake up feeling ready in the morning. And not suffering from a fuzzy head and a poor approach to things.

Make a playlist your kids can refer to

Okay, by this we mean that if your kids wake up at the same time each day (which they should as part of an effective morning routine). You will know how long they have to get ready before leaving for school. So make a playlist that you can set going at the same time every day when you wake them up.

By doing this, they’ll not only wake up to music, which is much nicer than yelling. But it also gives them an audio-timer of how much time they have left to finish getting ready. When a certain song comes on, they’ll know that they have 15 minutes to get it all done. Or they’re going to be late, for example.

Don’t forget to change the playlist every so often so that you don’t all lose your marbles by hearing the same tunes every single morning too!

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  1. oh the playlist thanks so much for sharing this . This school year i have to wakeup early than the previous years since kuya is already in grade 6 and my prep daughter is sometimes driving me nuts huhuu. Im guilty i know, guilty charged of yelling but not at all times.. What I’ve read hear, you’ve got point Mommy.. Thanks for resharing this blog

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