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Licealiz Kilusang Kontra Kuto is now on its 3RD YEAR [Plus GIVEAWAY] CLOSED

When I was in Grade 4, nagkaroon din ako ng kuto at lisa. My mom and I used to have “suyod” session every weekend. I hated it because it was so boring and kind of painful. Bugbog ang anit ko tapos minsan sinasabutan pa ko ng nanay ko haha. As far as I could remember, during that time, there wasn’t any treatment like a special shampoo to kill these lice. Because if there was, for sure magpapabili ako sa nanay ko lols. But after so many weekend sessions and with my mom’s determination, I became officially KUTO-FREE! Yes, finally!

Fast forward to 2016, Lamoiyan Corporation’s Licealiz Head Lice Treatment Shampoo started the KKK or Kilusang Kontra Kuto, a movement that has been battling head life infestation nationwide.

Head lice infestation is considered as the second most common health problem in public school in the Philippines next to tooth decay,Β according to a study conducted by Department of Education and University of the Philippines.

And on its third year, Lamoiyan Corporation has partnered again with the Department of Education, University of the Philippines College of Public Health. Drugstores Association of the Philippines and Mommy Bloggers Philippines. They want to make its impact bigger and reach wider in order to eliminate head lice by spreading awareness about it,Β  one community at a time.

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Last October 1, KKK team with fellow mommy bloggers visited Bagong Silangan Elementary School in Quezon City.

They conducted a lecture about myths and facts on head lice and how to treat them. It is commonly believed that kuto is caused by bad hygiene and that only girls can be infested with head lice. Moreover, it is also believed that through unconventional and potentially harmful methods. Such as putting mayonnaise or kerosene on the infested person’s head. And that sounds scary! I’m thankful I didn’t have to go through these methods. πŸ™

Head lice may be rampant, but it can be treated with the correct information and proper methods. Like using a shampoo specifically for the treatment and prevention of head lice such as Licealiz Head Lice Treatment Shampoo.

Licealiz contains Pyrethrin and a non-toxic head lice treatment for children and adults. That is clinically tested and proven to kill lice and nits.

Lamoiyan Corporation is inviting everyone to join their fight against head lice and be part of the Kilusang Kontra Kuto Year 3. To know more about the activities of KKK, visit Licealiz Facebook Page.

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6 Comments on “Licealiz Kilusang Kontra Kuto is now on its 3RD YEAR [Plus GIVEAWAY] CLOSED

  1. May Kuto story is noong Elementary ako, grabe talaga.. Ayaw na ayaw ko yung kinukuhanan ako ng kuto kasi subrang sakit sa ulo, kaso wala po ako magawa kasi tinatakot ako ng mama ko na ililipad daw ako ng kuto pag subrang madami na. Kaya yun, pati sa mga anak ko yun na din panakot ko.

  2. Hahah relate sa kuto diaries with Mama Ung feel ko kinuha na nya childhood memories ko at pati pag eenjoy ko sa labas kasama kalaro . I hate it tlga, masakit kasi. She enjoyed doing that every noon time. I would make any excuses but di uubra. And the worst part is, putting kerosene and even ung mga pinagsunugan ng panggatong kaloka. But etong Nanay nako naintindihan ko na. Nagka kuto eldest son ko eh noon i have to convince him need iremove para nga di dumami kasi alam ko feeling na makati lagi. Sana lahat ng school bigyan nila mg awareness lalo mainit panahon at dami estudyante

  3. My Kuto story is getting lice as a child specially during elementary days. And unfortunately over-the-counter shampoos were not available yet that time since we are living in province. I remember , everyday my mother searched through my hair before and after school and it has been our daily routine. We’d treat it over and over again by combing my hair πŸ™‚

  4. I too have a fair share of my kuto story. I was in grade 2 when I’ve got ‘kuto’ and ‘lisa’, I was not sure if I’ve got it from my classmate, or playmate, or just by simply playing under the sun for hours. What I remember is the ‘suyod’ and bond paper my mom will use to get rid of it and then pinch the ‘kuto’ so hard when it fell on a white bond paper. And I can really relate to the agony of putting coconut oil on my hair because mom believes that the lice will fell that fast as my hair is slippery. Good thing it was gone before classes started when I am about to turn grade 3.

    I know how it really feels to have a kuto and lisa and my niece have it now. I will definitely give her this Licealiz gift pack so that she will be spared from having a feeling of ‘kuto’ creeping on her scalp at night, at scratching her head at school and while doing her assignments. This will make her to focus more in study because a child without kuto and lisa is a child who is happy and excels in everything. Licealiz can help my niece to be that happy and excellent child and hope I will win this one for her.

  5. I agree that it is not only girls who have kuto because I experienced it too. I was in my grade school when I’ve got it and I can really say that it is very uncomfortable as it is very itchy and I kept on scratching my head at school, at home, everywhere. I can really relate if I see kids with kuto and I am glad that there is Licealiz to the rescue. During my kuto days, there is no Licealiz. We just used the suyod to get rid of the kuto and my grandmother will patiently removed the lisa on each strand of my hair. I am hoping that Licealiz will invade all the schools and even larger communities to get rid of kuto because not only kids suffer from it even adults too.

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