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The Dentist

It is said that for all manner of problems that prevention is better than cure, and while there are a large number of people for whom a trip to the dentist is not at all attractive, it is important that we do visit regularly. The mouth is the getaway to the body and a possible entry point for all manner of bacteria, and problems originating in the mouth left untreated can cause life-threatening conditions, such as diabetes. We learn early about the importance of good oral hygiene, but sometimes our regular brushing and flossing are missing something, which is where a routine check-up is highly advisable. There are two most common oral diseases which dentist treat, being dental caries, which relates to tooth decay, and periodontal diseases, which relate to the gums and the earlier we catch either problem the easier and cheaper it is to fix.

Professions within a Profession

While many of us think of a dentist as simply being a dentist, the profession is far more complicated, with a variety of different specialists within the cover-all dentistry description. The Endodontist, for example, specialises in the removal of nerves and blood supply from infected teeth, while the orthodontist is the one responsible for putting braces on your teenager’s teeth to straighten them out. A number of dentists are general practitioners who are able to handle a pretty wide range of dental needs and then we have the family dentist, a specialist in his own right, even if you might not think so at first.

The Family Dentist

The family dentist is slightly different from a regular dentist, and he obviously not only needs to know about dentistry and oral hygiene for adults, but be a paediatric dentist, caring for small children as well. The family dentist is the one who probably offers more flexible business hours, and even weekends, or a 24-hour emergency service, for when it really won’t wait until Monday. A family dentist in Alexandria to Alexander Heads has lots of benefits which won’t be found if everyone is going to different places.

Family Dentist Benefits

Having a single family dentist for everyone is a really good idea, as immediately appointments become much easier to remember, when everyone is going on the same day, some for a simple check-up, some maybe for cleaning or other treatment, but everyone can be looked after in a single trip. Having everyone’s dental records in one place means past treatments and problems make it easier to understand what is going on, when a new issue arises. Having a family dentist enables you to build a trusting relationship, similar to the one you have with your doctor, which makes it much easier to be able to discuss problems and to ask questions about your teeth and oral issues.

The family dentist deals with pediatric dentistry, so you don’t need to take the kids somewhere different and probably most importantly, whenever you have a crisis, there is a single phone number to call for help, regardless of whether it is in business hours or not. Regular visits by the whole family to the dentist keep your oral hygiene levels high, dramatically reducing the chances of major, and expensive treatments, so if you don’t have a family dentist yet, now is a good time to find one.

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  1. It’s really cool that a family dentist knows about pediatric dentistry and adult dentistry. My aunt has seven children that rage widely in age. Because of this, it sounds like a family dentist would be best for her needs. What are some qualities she should look for when choosing a family dentist?

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