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Nivea Baby Bath Essentials Review

A few months ago, Nivea Baby PH sent us their complete Bath Essentials to try them out.

It is two months already since we started using it and I am here to share my thoughts on each Nivea Baby product.

Nivea Baby Extra Mild Shampoo 200ml, P200

It is especially formulated for sensitive baby’s scalp and hair. Gently cleanses to soothe the scalp and leave hair clean and soft. It contains 0% alkali soap and chamomile that gently soothes and keeps the PH value of the scalp in balance. In addition, it is compatible with our baby’s skin and eyes and has a high tolerable formula to reduce the risk of allergies.

It has a mild powdery scent which I like that brings a refreshing feeling after the bath. Also, I didn’t notice any signs of allergy since Cloud has a very sensitive skin. What really amazes me is the scent lasted the whole day after his long outdoor play kahit may pawis na siya.

Nivea Baby Head-To-Toe Wash 200ml, P205+

Two products in one: gently cleanses and cares for baby’s delicate skin and hair. Contains calendula that gently cleanses baby’s skin and hair and prevents it from drying out. In addition, it is compatible with our baby’s skin and eyes and has a high tolerable formula to reduce the risk of allergies.

Cloud loves this baby wash kasi mabula siya and smells like a baby powder. Kahit ako nag eenjoy gamitin siya because it smells refreshing and very gentle on skin. It doesn’t make Cloud’s skin dry which is a big PLUS too. Lastly, a little product goes a long way since mabula siya, kaya matagal mo siya magagamit. 

Nivea Baby Fresh & Pure Wipes, P117+

It is based on pure water and contains Aloe Vera that gently cleanses baby’s skin while maintaining its protective barrier. It’s free of soap, 0% parabens, alcohol, and colorants, making it safe for your baby’s delicate skin. Hypoallergenic and dermatologically approved.

I love that it is not stretchable, unlike other baby wipes we have tried in the past. Mamahalin talaga yung dating nya even the packaging. It easily cleanses dirt and leaves a refreshing feeling. It may sound expensive for a baby wipe but so worth it.

 Nivea Baby Moisturizing Lotion 200ml, P200+

It has a skin-friendly and hypoallergenic formula that quickly absorbs to balance moisture loss immediately. It also contains aloe vera to strengthen baby’s skin barrier while keeping it moisturized. Contains 0% parabens, alcohol, and colorants.

It has a very light texture and quickly absorbs by the skin. Smells powdery too which is so refreshing. After some time of using it,  I noticed that Cloud’s dry patches are lessened especially at the back of his legs. He has a very dry skin kasi. He also hates sticky feeling but buti nalang mabilis siyang maabsorb ng skin.

Nivea Baby Caring Oil 200ml, P158+

The formula with almond oil intensively moisturizes your baby’s delicate skin by locking in moisture, leaving it feeling soft and smooth. Easy to spread and ideal for a bonding baby massage. It is suitable also for mother’s skin during and after pregnancy.

It is a baby oil with a subtle powdery scent. I mainly use this on my tummy area since it is getting bigger (i’m 21 weeks as of this typing) and stretch marks are starting to show up. Hope this helps to minimize my stretch marks when I reach full term.

Nivea Baby Smoothy Cream 200ml, P200+

It deeply moisturizes baby’s skin for 24 hours and helps soothe skin irritation keeping the skin healthy and soft. It has a non-greasy formula that is easily absorbed. Contains 0% parabens, alcohol, and colorants.

We use this every time my son’s skin feels dry as it offers intense hydration. So far it works well naman and smells amazing too. 

Nivea Baby Caring Cream Soap 100g, P58+

It is formulated with olive oil and high-quality moisturizers that gently cleanses and protects baby’s skin from moisture loss. It has hypoallergenic and skin-friendly ingredients that reduce the risk of allergies. It’s also clinically and dermatologically approved keeping the baby’s skin safe and soft.

We mainly use this when washing Cloud’s hands (after school) since we still have the Head-to-Toe Wash as his body wash. Cloud actually enjoy washing his hands because it smells great (like the rest), mabula and brings a squeaky clean feeling after wash. 

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