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Make Your Time Meaningful with your Kids with these Rainy Fun Activities

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Being a professional makeup artist, there are times wherein I’m required to spend my whole day at an event, a wedding for instance. And even when I’m at home, nagiging busy pa din ako due to blogging duties and of course, the pending house chores. Nakakaguilty naman talaga na I can’t get to spend more time with Cloud. Kaya minsan kahit busy ako sa laptop, bigla nalang siya aakyat sa likod ko at mangungulit. That’s the time I have to stop on what I’m doing and play with him instead.

That’s why time is very essential. Every minute counts because something as short as 15 minutes can become meaningful time well spent with our kids. I love bringing him outdoors since he loves to run and explore. But recently, we have to stay at home due to typhoon Ompong. 🙁

Understanding the struggle moms go through to spend quality time with their kids, leading paracetamol brand Calpol shares activities that will brighten the gloomy mood. Sometimes all it takes is a little creativity to keep things fun and interesting in a short period of time.

Have a storytelling time.

Cloud hasn’t appreciated stories yet but he loves to point out things from the book. His current favorites are the Smart Babies Four Early Learning Board Books which contains Numbers, Alphabets, Animals and Shapes & Colors.

Do chores as a family.

As early as 1 year old, I taught Cloud on how to clean up / pack away his toys. Now that he turns 3, our room is always a big mess hahaha. To clean up his wooden blocks, instead of by simply putting it into the container, I placed it a few meters away and ask him to aim it using the wooden block like a basketball shootout.

Be one with music.

Cloud loves to dance too. Last year, I was amazed that he almost memorized the I Got That Power by Justin Beiber moves. He was able to perform it in front of our relatives during our Christmas Party. He was so adorable and I’m so proud of him! And since it is less than 100 days before Christmas, it is the perfect time for him to learn some new dance moves.

Be creative together.

And since Christmas is fast approaching, it is time to make some personalized Christmas Card for our loved ones. Let your kid express their ideas through art. Teach them to be resourceful by using old materials likes newspapers, magazines or used gift wrappers.

While we are having fun with our child, don’t forget to keep them protected. This rainy season also leaves our children vulnerable to colds, and fever. And when our kids get sick, our special moments are cut short.

To help moms recover the lost time and missed the chance to spend time with their kids, Paracetamol (Calpol) offers fast and efficient fever relief. Its suspension formula starts to work on fever in 15 minutes* (at 15m/kg dosing) and is gentle on your child’s tummy.

Paracetamol (Calpol) invites moms to post on Facebook or Instagram how they make 15 minutes an unforgettable bonding experience with their kids. Nominate and tag another friend to do the challenge and pass on the love, warmth, (and tips!) during this cold and dreary season.

For more information about how to care for your child, check out the Paracetamol (Calpol) FB page at or visit


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