Going on a holiday with your children can be a stressful task. Travelling with a tween is a harder task. Your pre-teen is at a stage in their lives where they are trying to shed their identity as a child and learn what they like and what they do not. So, catering to their needs can be difficult since they are ever changing. A happy holiday is not impossible when trying to keep your tween happy. New York is a city which offers plenty to do and see. Here are a few things you can do to make sure that your family holiday is fun for everyone.

Pick the Right Time

Planning a holiday is all about getting the time right. Pick a time when your tween can get a nice long break from school. Summer break is usually a long holiday during which all children go on holidays with their families. Planning a New York trip during winter can lead to conflict since your tween might want to meet their friends over the holiday season. It is difficult to book airport helicopter tours in New York during winters due to the weather as well.

Plan your summer in New York instead of winter to suit your tween’s social plans. Involve your tween in planning the holiday to make them feel more responsible.

Avoid Crowds

No matter how hard your tween tries to behave like a “grown-up”, they do not have the patience of an adult. If you expect them to wait patiently in lines to go sightseeing then you are in for a tough time. Long lines will end up draining the batteries of their smart devices leading to them declaring the holiday a failure. In New York, it is hard to avoid crowds when going sightseeing. Try avoiding weekends and holiday season if you are trying to avoid the crowds.

There is a way to avoid the lines while going sightseeing. You can book airport helicopter tours. These highly popular helicopter tours take off from the airports of New York. The helicopter tours can take you over different parts of the city and can even take you out of the city if you are planning to visit the Hamptons.

Plan a Unique Experience

Book an airport helicopter tour to give your tween an experience to remember. Your tween will get to see all of New York from a vantage point. When your holiday is over, you can be sure that the helicopter tour, that you had booked, has been carried back home in your tween’s pleasant memory.

Give Space

Smothering your pre-teen during the holiday will ruin the holiday for them. New York might not be the safest place to let your tween roam free. But you can book airport helicopter tours that you can send your tween to alone. The helicopter tours are safe. Your tween can get the space they need and so can you. while your tween is strapped safely in a controlled environment you can enjoy the sights and sounds of New York in your own way.

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