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The Rise of the Mobile Gaming Industry

The mobile gaming industry is skyrocketing without any signs of slowing down. Right now, the mobile gaming market is worth around $55 billion, which is almost half the worth of the entire gaming industry.

What’s even more dramatic is that more growth is anticipated in the upcoming years. Last year, almost all the income brought in by the Apple and Google App Stores came from mobile games. Many new mobile games are oriented towards women, which is a recent trend in the gaming industry that’s bringing in new customers. Where is the industry heading with these incredible numbers? Let’s examine some of the main points behind the rise of the mobile gaming industry.

Mobile games are accessible

Much of the incredible allure of mobile games comes from how accessible they are. In that respect, they significantly differ from games played on other devices.

Namely, PC and console games require you, first of all, to possess a powerful PC or an expensive gaming console. Besides that, the games themselves usually aren’t on the cheap side, except the old releases. That is why a typical video game player is a person with enough passion for gaming to spend a lot of money on their game collection.

Mobile games, on the other hand, are either much cheaper than PC games or completely free. They are so small that it takes no more than a minute to download one. What’s more, you can have them on you at all times, as long as you have your phone. Their portability makes mobile games the ideal solution for commuting to work and back, waiting in long lines, or any other kind of arduous daily tasks.

Thanks to their practical nature, mobile games have become accessible even to people who don’t normally play games. Developers were quick to seize all kinds of business opportunities. For instance, although the gaming market didn’t traditionally target women, that is changing with mobile games. App designers are doing their best to expand their target audience.

Mobile games are easy to make

The process of making mobile games differs from traditional game design in many ways. While PC and console games are normally made in large studios, a studio is not necessary when it comes to mobile apps.

Namely, mobile games are much smaller projects, requiring fewer people and resources. Most mobile game designers join others in virtual studios and work on their projects online. These virtual studios change their employees all the time since they most frequently employ freelance app designers. Their employees come from all over the globe and work in dynamic, ever-changing environments. They find that format suitable for their numerous short-term projects. Thanks to mobile gaming, the market for app designers has exploded, too.

Thanks to their smaller scope, mobile games are much cheaper than other kinds of games. Often, they are completely free. Many mobile games are funded by ads, which players normally dislike. However, ads are what makes these games free to play, and their presence is changing the rules of the gaming market.

An expanding industry

What makes the growth of mobile gaming so intense is that this field is ready to adapt to all kinds of trends. There are so many mobile gaming apps out there that everyone can find something up their alley. Every time app designers notice the public is interested in a specific type of apps, they are ready to get on board with the trend.

A notable example here is how mobile gaming merged with the online casino industry. Many online casinos, such as GemSlots UK, are now offering casino games in the form of mobile apps. Most of these casinos focus on online slots, which is an evolved and upgraded form of traditional slots. It is no small feat to create mobile casino games, since these apps need to provide users with a feeling of safety and reliability, apart from just being enjoyable.

Thanks in no small part to the mobile platform, online casinos are becoming popular all over the world. Casinos in New Zealand are beginning to match their celebrated Scandinavian peers. At the same time, Norwegian casinos provide players with some of the best bonuses, or as they put it, beste casino bonuser, out there. With casinos available in app form, users can take their favorite games with them wherever they might be heading.

What will the future bring?

Mobile gaming is transforming the gaming industry. Its incredible impact is not very surprising if you consider how well the nature of mobile games fits the modern lifestyle.

Nowadays, everyone wants to save as much time as possible, and they are fed up with endless bus rides and long shifts. Mobile games make these annoying periods more bearable and help people kill time. Unlike traditional games, they do not require you to invest too much time or focus.

It’s safe to say that the field of mobile gaming will likely continue to expand in the following years.

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