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Five Interesting and Important Things to Know About Human Hair Wigs

Planning to buy a wig? Get the right weave for your look.

How good a wig looks depends majorly on the material that it is made from. Synthetic wigs run the risk of looking fake. For a wig that looks uncannily like the hair on your head, you should go for human hair lace front wigs. Before you head out and buy a human hair wig, here are a few things you need to know.

Hairy History

Wigs are not a new invention. Dating back to ancient Egypt, wigs have been a part of human history. In ancient civilizations the use of wigs where for a show of power. Due to the lack of good hygiene till the 18th Century, people had to cut their hair short. For rich people having a full head of hair meant a show of status. So, even if they had to cut their hair to get rid of lice, the rich people wore wigs to cover their heads. Wigs have been a show of wealth and aristocracy till the beginning of the 19th century. Today, human hair wigs are extremely expensive. Human hair wigs were expensive in the past. Cheaper alternatives then were animal hair wigs. Synthetic wigs are more common today. Human hair wigs are still very expensive.

Sure Source

When you buy synthetic weaves, you know your weave comes from a factory. But when buying a human hair weave do you know where the hair is from?

Cheaper wigs have mysterious sources. The problem with not knowing the source is the unethical means by which the hair might have been sourced. If you care about the source of your wigs then you can do something about it. There are many sellers of human hair wigs that reveal the source of their wigs. Trustworthy wig sellers should be able to tell you the country of origin of the hair on your wig.

Perfect Price

There is no such thing as a cheap human hair lace front wig. Minimum price that you need to pay is around $700. The higher the price the better the quality and craftsmanship. When you do not pay the right price for your wig you run the risk of getting unethically sourced human hair.

Lovable Look

Most human hair wigs come in single colors and design. Straight wigs are the most common human hair wigs. Curly human hair wigs are more expensive and they need a lot of care. Getting a straight wig allows you to style the wig however you want. Unlike synthetic wigs, the human hair wigs are heat resistant. You can use straighteners and curlers to style.

Certain Care

Human hair is fragile. If you do not take care of your expensive human hair wig then you stand to lose a lot of money. Just like your own head of hair you need to shampoo, condition and dry human hair wigs with great care. This needs to be done on a regular basis. You cannot just toss your human hair weave aside and pick it up whenever you want. Tangles are hard to get rid of. So, human hair wigs need a lot of care and attention.

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