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A List of Health-Benefit-Thing Household To-Do’s

You can catch more flies with sugar than you can with vinegar. And those honey-do lists are more heart-healthy for your spouse – and yourself – than you probably realize!

Let’s take a look at some common household chores that do wonders for your general well being.

Decompress By Doing the Dishes

I’m instantly relaxed by the feeling of warm water around my hands. It turns out a lot of people are, even though they might not have been aware of the benefits they could get from focusing their attention to the fragrance of the soap and the relaxing effect of the water on their muscles. FSU’s psych department did a study showing that people’s anxiety and general nervousness was reduced by 27% when they were mindful of the positive effects of washing the dishes. Tell me, is it not true that one of the first things we do when stressed and perhaps even procrastinating is the dishes? It turns out there is a great reason why!

Lift Your Mood With Lemon

I’m a huge fan of lemon. Call me the Bono of the cleaning community, I suppose. The scent of citrus fruits, in general, tends to elevate moods, but lemon is by far the most effective. Lemon Pledge has a household and almost iconic name among cleaning products. You can also add citrusy essential oils into your cleaning sprays. For dishes and the kitchen sink, you can use pure lemon juice or rinds. Either way, you slice it, the lemon (and other citrus fruit scents such as the Japanese yuzu) elevate moods and reduce all sorts of negative experiences such as being anxious, confused or agitated. Clean with them or eat them there is no downside!

Boost Your Brain with Bed-Making

It’s a habit to get into, for sure: making your bed each and every morning. We may have resisted it since childhood even if just because we didn’t want to be told what to do. It turns out that this particular chore sets a tone for your entire day – and night. Studies show that people who make their beds in the morning instead of leaving their sheets, blankets and pillows all in a tussle not only get more done every day but sleep better at night as well. And, for those of you mindful of your money, morning bed-making also increases your ability to stay within a budget. Honestly, I’ve experienced these things and they work. Taking the 30-60 seconds to make your bed in the morning could be a stepping-stone for an entirely more productive lifestyle!

Housework and Yard-work Make Your Heart Feel Healthier

That’s right – get out there and mow that lawn! When you’re done, grab the vacuum cleaner and then clean out that garage. The National Center for Biotechnology Information recently posted results of a study where 3,800 people who regularly engaged in house and yard work were shown to have a 30% reduced risk of a heart attack or stroke. It turns out that those do-it-yourself projects are also be-good-to-yourself activities that can prolong your life! You can start your housework plan by checking out this link: https://www.vacuumjudge.com/top-vacuum-cleaners-vacuum-cleaners-market/

A Clutter-Cleaning Path To Weight Loss

Clean it up. Toss it out. Put it away. Human beings like their “things” but having too many of them can lead to obesity. Hoarders and people with generally unkempt homes are 77% more likely to endure obesity or at least being generally overweight. If this is you, start in the kitchen and get it organized. It’s a lot harder to make proper food choices when you’re surrounded by messes, and that makes sense. Similar to the morning bed-making routine, de-cluttering your kitchen and overall home leads to better habits, better energy in your house and overall better productivity.

Mowing Lawns Makes You Happy. No…Really

I never believed this as a teenager taking orders, but there is something distinctly beneficial and pleasant from the smell of freshly cut grass. Leave it to the Aussie’s to discover it from down under, but their research has proven that newly mowed lawn stimulates joyful states of relaxation. Even driving or walking by a freshly cut yard brings up positive feelings and memories, so get out there and contribute, mates!

Destroy Depression With Fresh Veggies and Flowers

I love working in the garden. My mother also spends as much time outside in hers as possible. If you’re feeling depressed, you should grow one too. People who spent 6 hours a week doing gardening work had noticeable relief from their blues, according to a recent study by the Norwegians. It was shown that simply playing in the dirt has its own serotonin-releasing benefits. That there is a safe bacteria in soil that actually improves brain function and puts you in a better mood. No wonder dirty kids always seem so happy!

The best part is that relief continues for months after the garden is planted. Raw vegetables are a staple of good health and happy moods so plant your veggies and eat them too!


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