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5 Steps for Hosting a Successful Summer Barbecue

Summer will soon be upon us and that means it is nearly barbecue season. Cooking with fire out in the open was once considered a pastime for only our cavemen ancestors and people who went on camping holidays. Even you may even use a best outdoor fire pit for heat and smoky grilling purposes. But each year barbecues seem to grow in popularity to the point that they are now one of the most popular types of parties to throw in the summer months.

If hosting a barbecue for friends and family is something you are looking to do this summer, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are five steps for hosting a successful summer barbecue.

Pick a suitable date and time

The best days to host a barbecue are Friday, Saturday or Sunday. The first two allow people to have a few drinks and stay out late knowing that there won’t be the inconvenience of having to return to work the following day while Sunday is the most relaxed day of the week and therefore the perfect time to lounge around the garden. In terms of time, you should give yourself a four-hour window to host a barbecue as that allows ample opportunity for people to be fed, watered and socialize. If it’s an adult crowd, check out the sunset time in your locality and aim to finish just as the sun disappears. If kids are involved, set the event up for the afternoon.

Decide on your guest list

What sort of barbecue you are having will go a long way to helping you decide on the guest list. If it’s a small get together in which you want to sit around and talk in a group with your guests, then restrict the invites to close friends and family. If you want a bigger party which allows people to stop in for an hour or two to socialize throughout the day, then invite everyone you know. Should you go down the big party route, don’t be afraid to accept peoples offers to bring food to throw on the barbecue – you’ll probably find out that you need all the meat you can lay your hands on!

Settle on what food to serve

There is no doubting the most popular foods for grilling in America –  hot dogs, steaks, hamburgers and chicken. You can’t go wrong by sticking with those classics as they are cheap to buy, easy to cook and everybody loves them. If you’ve got vegetarians coming, then remember to invest in some veggie burgers or you could even go all out to impress with vegetable kebabs and cooked banana.

Get yourself comfortable

Barbecues involve spending more time on your feet than the average party, seeing as they are cooked and eaten outside. You’ll want to make sure you are as comfortable as possible before slaving away over the flames, so wear light, loose-fitting clothes and get yourself a pair of comfortable shoes like those recommended by Authorityshoe.Com. If you feel comfortable, you’ll enjoy the day more and when the host is enjoying themselves, that can be infectious to the rest of the guests.

Select the right music

Music makes the party! Download some of the top 50 best summer songs of all time and hook up some wireless speakers in your garden so that your guests can get in the summer mood.

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