One of my greatest fears is when my loved ones get sick, most especially my 3-year old boy. Luckily, he rarely gets sick which we are very thankful for. But despite that, as parents, it is nice to be always ready and well-equipped with information in times when our son needs medical attention. I have heard about World Citi Med from my fellow mommy bloggers when they launched their maternity wing which I’m very keen to check out for my next pregnancy. Imagine my excitement when they reached out to me, this time, for their upcoming Pediatrics Floor launch.

Last May 23, 2018, I was invited to be part of the launch of World Citi Med newest Pediatrics Floor located on the 7th Floor. The program started at 9 AM with joyful greetings of Dr. Kristine Marie Gutierrez, Training Officer of the Pediatric Department. It was followed by an opening prayer by Ms. Grace Annabelle Navarro, Professional Values and Ethics Development Director and opening remarks by Mr. Raymond Patrick Guico, the Chief Executive Officer of World Citi Med.

Afterward, it was Medical Director Dr. Margarita Santella-Jara’s turn for her message.

Next was the ribbon-cutting ceremony headed by (left to right) Nurse Supervisor Miss Bheng, Dr. Kristine Marie, Madame Guico, CEO sir Raymond Patrick, CFO sir Jay, and Medical Director Dr. Santella-Jara.

The Guest Pastor, Reverend Cleophas Maurice B. Villareiz prays and offers the new space to God Almighty. Ditto, prayers for the doctors, nurses, and staff of the Pediatric Floor.

And lastly, capping the ceremony was World Citi Med President Arlyn Grace Guico delivering a brief message.

World Citi Med Pediatrics Floor is a colorful, playful, joy-filled, and kid-friendly environment. At the same time, the family of Pediatricians and nurses are all committed to give optimal care and compassion to give our kids the recovery they need from illness. Truly, World Citi Med has taken the time to design the space providing “Big Care for Little Ones.”

The Pediatrics floor has 24 rooms, each has unique designs that kids will surely love. They also decorated the hallways and displayed cute photos to make the kids feel relaxed and comfortable.  They even put up a special area with lots of books and toys.

Pediatrics Floor Hallway
Books to read
Each room is bathed in light with a bright and lively ambiance

Room rates as follows (as of May 15, 2018)

  • Ward with aircon – P1,500
  • Semi-Private A – P1,700 – P1,900
  • Regular Private A – P2,750
  • Regular Private B – P2,650
  • Deluxe Private – P4,000
Kiddie meal at its finest. Who would have thought this is hospital food?

At World Citi Med, they make sure patients are getting enough nutrients for their fast recovery. The best part is they treat birthday celebrants by surprising them with a Happy Birthday cupcake!

Take a tour around their entire Pediatrics Floor by watching the video I took below. Enjoy!

To find out more about World Citi Med’s pediatric and other medical services, visit their website and other social media accounts.


Address: 960 Aurora Boulevard Quezon City, Philippines 1109

Contact No.: 438-4580


9 Replies to “Welcome to World Citi Med Newest Pediatrics Floor [Launch + Quick Tour]

  1. This is such a lovely pediatrics floor! It reminds me a lot of the Ronald McDonald House! I’m not a big fan of hospitals, they can be intimidating and scary. I can only imagine how little ones feel! This will definitely help children feel more comfortable in such a scary time for them!

  2. love how people go out of their way to make kids and their parents comfortable at one of the worst times. That goes to show the goodness of people thanks for sharing

  3. That is a very neat and stylish pediatric area. I love the bright walls in the rooms with colorful designs and poems. The children start right out by seeing fun bright characters as they go down the hall. My children, now grown, would have liked that breakfast.

  4. Oh this is a very exciting launch! The pediatric floor look very nice! So clean and colorful! perfect for kids. it does not look like a hospital white corridor so kids will feel better

  5. Grabe! Ang cute ng place! 🙂 At first glance you won’t even know that it’s a hospital. Looks like a school pa nga e. Love how they decorated the hallways to become more attractive to kids. Not plain and boring. Loved the concept of having a children’s book corner. 🙂 Sick kids will feel better soon in this environment.

  6. Every parent’s nightmare is having their child hospitalized but that seems unavoidable for some. It’s a good thing that World City Medical’s Children’s Wing has a cheerful ambiance that will definitely won’t leave any negative impression on the child that hospitals looks gloomy.

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