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Walang Ako Kung Wala Ka [A Mother’s Day Tribute by Itlog.PH]

In a Filipino family, it is common that the father takes care and provides for the family.

Giving them food, shelter, clothing and etc. Sometimes, fathers even go beyond the ordinary just to be able to give the best for his family. They work long hours, do hazardous jobs, do double shifts and even take more than two jobs at a time. And the worst is, sacrificing his rights to be with his family just to work abroad.

With all the stress that he is handling in his work, he sometimes forgets to take care of himself.  And that’s when his wife comes in. Unknowingly, the husband is being taken care of by his wife without even asking. The wife prepares her husband’s needs making him comfortable and treating him like a king. Making him forget all the stresses outside his home.

Because of the love and care that husband gets from his wife and kids, he becomes more inspired and motivated to do his very best. And it proves the saying “Behind every man’s success is a woman.”

As shown in the video, where a husband who is an OFW feels anxious as he is about to leave his family for work. But despite his worries about leaving his family behind, his heart is still full of love and happiness. For he knows that his family will be in the best caring hands of his wife while he is gone. For his wife will be the one to act not just the mother but also to stand as the father of the family. And this shows the strength and dedication of all the mothers out there.

The video made me realize the unconditional love a mother has for her family. It showed how much she cared for his husband and kids without them asking. Kabisadong kabisado ni Nanay kung ano ang mga pangangailangan at mga gusto ng kanyang pamilya. Also, the casts effectively portray on how much Filipino families enjoy eating together. And lastly, the music and the composition gave me goosebumps as it delivers a very heartwarming message.


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15 Comments on “Walang Ako Kung Wala Ka [A Mother’s Day Tribute by Itlog.PH]

  1. I wish this is how it is with everyone, the husband takes care of his wife and family and wife does the same in return. Beautiful post.

  2. This is so sweet! Mother’s have such a hard but rewarding job with their kids. Thanks for sharing part of the filipino culture!

  3. What a sweet tribute. My dad always made sure we had everything we needed and usually wanted. I didn’t even think about all of us taking care of him unknowingly, esp my step mom.

  4. Such a sweet video! Life is so much better when we all take care of one another and let others take care of themselves!

  5. I never appreciated my mother as much as the day I became a mother myself. Cheers to all the amazing mothers out there.

  6. I think it’s amazing what mothers do for the sake of their family. It’s really something that proves how powerful unconditional love is. That video was lovely.

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