Tips for Building Your Café Racer

Designing a café bike is a satisfying project. You get to build a bike that reflects your style and personality. Honda motorcycle parts are reliable and available in a wide range of models and years. Whether you’ve built bikes before or this is your first project, here are a few tips to get you started.

Set a Budget

The condition of the bike, parts you need (or want) and tools all carry a price tag. Furthermore, set a realistic budget before beginning. This can help keep the cost from spiraling out of control. In addition, create a wish list so that you can modify the design as you go.

Choose the Right Model

There is an incredible range of base bikes that can be turned into café racers. Each has its own characteristics and unique personality. Find the ride with the lines you love. If this is your first project, consider getting a bike that has already been modified. You can learn from what has already been done and decide what you like and what Honda replacement parts need to change.

Have a Plan

Search through Pinterest and Google and make a list of bikes, with images of your favorites. Compare the details and find out what elements appeal to you. The goal is to build a one of a kind bike that incorporates your style into the lines and curves of a base bike.

Strip it Down

Make lists for which parts will need to be replaced and which you can rebuild. Depending on the condition of the bike, the list of Honda motorcycle parts may be extensive. If you’re designing from a vintage model, some parts may not be available, and the only option will be to rebuild.

Rebuild it

Visit today to find the Honda replacement parts you need to build the café racer of our dreams. We carry OEM parts for cooling and braking systems, fuel and exhaust systems and almost any component you want in stock and ready to ship.

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