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Take Charge of your Family’s Health with Plumcare DNA Advisor

It’s incredibly hard to take when someone you love is in pain. But what if there’s a way to avoid it?

Last May 17, Thursday I attended Plumcare DNA Advisor Media event at Edsa Shangri-la in Ortigas. We all know that a disease can adversely impact one’s ability to live a full and meaningful life. While no one is immune from an illness, some families carry a stronger predilection for certain diseases, ones that are passed down the family tree. Such as hypertension, diabetes and even cancer. Unknown to most people at risk, these can show up when they are least expected to.

It is great to know that Plumcare DNA Advisor is now available in the Philippines.

Plumcare DNA Advisor can help Filipino families detect potentially disease-causing genetic variants, made through a series of DNA tests of each family member. Designed for families of three or more, the test relies on cutting-edge sequencing technology and on a wealth of big data to provide meaningful and actionable insights into a family’s genetic make-up.

Many hereditary diseases can be prevented or managed if detected early enough.

Through Plumcare DNA Advisor, Filipino families can now be armed with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about health and lifestyle choices as a family. This can help in the prevention, monitoring, and treatment of potential conditions.

How is it done?

It uses Whole Exome Sequencing (WES), which effectively maps out the exact composition or sequence of approx. 20,000 genes where nearly 85% of disease-causing DNA variations are found. This is done by collecting DNA from adults and children above the age of 6 years old using a saliva tube meanwhile, children below 6 years old will be done using a swab sponge.

The specimens are then sent to the experts in the United States for test and analysis. Results are available within 60 days after receipt of the sample by the US lab. Genetic counselors are then available to give the advice to help you make the necessary lifestyle adjustment or preventive care.

Find out more about Plumcare DNA Advisor at or by calling (02) 470-1735 and (02) 332-1888 or  (63) 998-848-6064.

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