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Nature’s Remedies: Tips For A Healthy, White Teeth

The first thing we notice about someone without even realizing it is their smile. Having aligned, healthy white teeth affects our confidence and shapes our character.

With chemical whitening methods you can achieve the best, almost perfect results when it comes to the color of our teeth, but this can also harm teeth enamel, cause gum inflammation and sensitivity to sweets and temperature changes.

You can restore and maintain natural whiteness of your teeth by sticking to your personal dental hygiene ritual and some of these natural tips and tricks.

Use baking soda as a natural exfoliator

Nowadays, some of the toothpaste has small particles that can help gently exfoliate the enamel. You don’t need to buy these special kinds of toothpaste, just use baking soda instead. Dip the top of your brush into the baking soda and gently wash your teeth. You will be able to feel the difference under your tongue.

Use straws when drinking sodas

Artificially colored drinks leave stains on your teeth, and sugar is a well-known cause of tooth decay. Dodge sodas whenever you can, and if you drink them, use a straw. This will help you avoid the impact of sodas on your front teeth and protect them from staining.

The fruit power

If you are not in a situation to brush your teeth after a meal, just have an apple. It is well known that an apple can do wonders for your teeth.

Strawberries contain different types of fruit acids that can whiten your teeth. Use mashed strawberries with a spoon of baking soda to brush your teeth, and after that do the regular toothpaste brushing along with the flossing. You will be thrilled by the results!

Oil pulling

During the night, all of the toxins from blood are collected in our mouth. We should brush our teeth first thing in the morning, but there’s something even better we can do. Use a tablespoon of cold pressed oil, like olive, sunflower or coconut, and mix for 10-15 minutes. Due to its viscosity, oil can reach some parts between teeth that flossing and scrubbing can’t. After pulling, spit the oil in the trash can (not in the sink, you don’t want to pollute the water) and brush your teeth regularly. If this becomes your habit, you will enjoy many health benefits from it over the years.

Always floss

Flossing may seem like a monotonous job, but it is very important part of your dental care. There are various types of dental floss depending on the type of fiber they are made from. Don’t floss too hard so you don’t hurt your gums. Flossing once a day is sufficient and will help you maintain your dental hygiene.

For hard-reaching parts of your cavity like your molars, use specially developed interdental brushes. Ask your dentist to help you choose the right size to fit your personal interdental spacing.

Activated charcoal

Activated charcoal has a high level of absorption. It absorbs plaque and makes your teeth so clean they will squeak. The procedure is the same as with baking soda- dip the top of your toothbrush in the charcoal, brush gently and re-brush with toothpaste. You can get charcoal capsules in every pharmacy.

Quit smoking, please!

Loud and clear. We all know what smoking does to our organism, and the teeth are the first to show the damage. Nicotine and other toxins stick directly to our enamel and can cause unrepairable discoloration. It is smelly, it is unhealthy and please stop it!

Change your toothbrush every 2-3 months

It may seem to you like it hasn’t worn out yet, but it has. It is better to use an affordable toothbrush and change it more often than to buy an expensive one and use it for years. Some dentists suggest electrical toothbrushes for better brushing but make sure to change the brush head accordingly.

Other than damaged fibers, the toothbrush collects all of our mouth bacteria over the time. Toss it after every sore throat.

Fluoride toothpaste

The fluoride is everywhere. In the water, in the food, in the toothpaste. It has its benefits, of course. But it is not super healthy. Over time, fluoride can accumulate in our bodies and cause some easily preventable troubles. From time to time, consider buying some natural, fluoride-free toothpaste. It may not clean your teeth as good as the commercial one, but you can compensate that with some of the tricks stated above.

Remember, keeping your hygiene on a certain level is a halfway to having healthy teeth. Introducing some of these habits into your everyday routine will be a wise investment in your health and looks. A healthy smile means beautiful smile.

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