Nothing upsets a summer garden BBQ like an ant invasion or a family of annoying mosquitoes.

Nothing ruins an entire day like eyeing a cockroach or spider – or worse, a mouse in your home. Keeping pests away from your property during the summer isn’t as hard as it seems, though. Here are 10 tips to help you.

Block Off Entry

The first line of defense is to make it hard for pests to even enter your home. Make sure you check all your screens for holes and repair them right away. Also look around the windows and doors for gaps and replace any frayed window stripping.

Keep the Kitchen Clean

Even a few crumbs on the floor or counter is a treasure chest to ants. Rather let them find their treasure somewhere else, away from your house. Make sure you wipe counters, keep floors clean and always put food away as soon as you are finished. Also, be sure to take the rubbish out daily.

Don’t Leave Water Standing

Standing water attracts mosquitoes and acts as an enticing breeding ground for them. Don’t leave any water lying around. Look out for rain spouts, leaks around air conditioning units, and remember to pick up any toys and other objects left lying in your back garden.

Look After the Yard

Maintain your garden to avoid overgrowth in the summer and therefore not create a space for pests and nests. Remember to trim trees and bushes that are close to your home, and rake up debris.

Eat Those Vegetables and Fruits

Don’t let your fresh vegetables and fruits get too ripe on your kitchen counter as it will invite flies.

Put Your Firewood Away

Firewood is an open invitation to termites. Store yours away from your home – as far away as possible.

Don’t Throw Meat Away Immediately

Don’t throw meat scraps into your rubbish bin unless the bin is being collected the next day or so. Rotting meat and warm weather attract a host of unwanted pests at a concerning speed.

Don’t Neglect the Outdoor Furniture

Keep tabs on the corners of swings and also your outdoor furniture for egg sacks and spider webs and if you do spot any, get rid of them immediately.

Leave the Outside Outside

Keep outside furniture and toys outside. If you do have to bring anything indoors, wipe it down thoroughly before you do.

Use a Pest Control Device or Service

Environmentally friendly electronic pest control at Pest Free USA is one of the great ways to keep pests at bay this summer. The electronic device is environmentally and family safe and does not have an effect on pets – only pests.


While there’s plenty of things you can do to prevent pests around the house in the summer, sometimes you just need to call the professionals. A professional pest control service or plugin device can go a long way to keeping your home free of unwanted visitors.


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