Spain is almost everyone’s dream destination due to its rich culture and history. It has so much to offer from stoned castles, snow-capped mountains, refined cities and religious traditions. If you are not convinced yet, let me share fourteen reasons why you should include visiting Spain in your travel goals.

State-of-the-art villas

Renting a villa in Spain from historic houses to contemporary homes is a great way to bring your carefree vacation to a whole new level. Just like Villa Roca – a luxurious and exclusive villa in Ibiza (Conde Nast Traveller). Provides around-the-clock services like from a luxurious hotel by their nine personal staff. This eight-bedroom ultra-modern mansion is exquisitely furnished in minimalist style and is only 5 km to Ibiza Town (on the road to San José). A 10-minute drive to fun nightlife, bars, and clubs in Ibiza that you won’t surely miss during your vacation.

The Sagrada Familia

It is the most iconic symbol of Barcelona and the most visited spot in Spain. It was initially designed in a Neo-Gothic style but later on commissioned to the Spanish Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí, who redesigned it combining Gothic and curvilinear Art Nouveau forms. Unfortunately, he died before he could complete, having only built one of the church’s towers. The Basilica consists of eighteen towers (eight of them already built). Twelve of them in memory of the Disciples, four; the Evangelists, one in memory of Mary, and the last to Jesus Christ.  Each tower’s height will depend on the religious hierarchy they represent.

Cuidad de Ronda

Ronda is surrounded by lush river valleys and sitting above a deep ravine that will absolutely blow you away. In this city, you can find Plaza de Toros, Baños Arabes, Palacio de Mondragón, Palacio del Rey Moro y La Mina, Almocábar gate, Cueva del Gato and many more. It is located in the province of Malaga with approximately 35,000 in population.

Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela is said one of the most important places in Catholicism. It is believed by many to be the place where St. James (one of the twelve Apostles of Christ) is reputedly buried. Moreover, it was declared by the UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its cathedral and old city center and receiving thousands of visitors every year.

Tomb of Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer, navigator and credited with the discovery of America. He died at the age of 55 and his tomb is held inside Seville’s enormous Gothic cathedral, buried in 1898. At present time, the Dominican Republic claims he is still buried in Santo Domingo Cathedral but, according to Wikipedia, DNA result suggests the bones in Sevilla are the real thing.

Attend the Festival of the Near-Death Experience

Also called Fiesta de Santa Marta de Ribarteme, held in a small Spanish village, Las Nieves, Pontevedra, in Galicia and celebrate every 29th of July. It is a celebration for those people who have had a near-death experience that year and lived to tell the tale. They will climb into coffins and pretend to be dead, while their family carries them along with processions of mourners. Saint Marta de Ribarteme is the patron Saint of resurrection.

Dine in the World’s Oldest Restaurant – Restaurante Sobrino de Botín

It was built in 1725 and recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest restaurant in the world. They are known for its rustic Castilian cuisine such as roast meats fired in a cast iron wood burning stove that keep running for 300 years. Isn’t that cool?

Museo de las Brujas (Witches Museum)

Here is another strange yet fun place to explore is Museo de las Brujas, also called Witches Museum. The museum is located in the old hospital of the Zugarramurdi not far from its the famous cave. It is said the place deals with the world of witchcraft and portrays the society of Navarre in the 17th century, with all its myths and legends.

Bunkers Del Carmen Lookout

If you want to see the whole city of Barcelona in 360 degrees, you should definitely not miss The Carmel Bunkers. It is located at the top of Turó de la Rovira in the Carmel neighborhood with a height of 262 meters. It’s a great place to watch the sunset and it’s FREE!

Madrid’s Coolest Market

Mercado de Motores is a market filled with home decoration items, vinyl records, recycled furniture, classic bicycles and many more. It started out to popularize second-hand goods but now it sells everything with FREE live music. It opens every second weekend of the month from 11am-10pm.

World’s Biggest Nightclub in Ibiza

Privilege Ibiza, originally known as Ku Club is the world’s largest nightclub (with a capacity of 10,000 people) according to Guinness Book of Records. In addition, it is also recognized as the oldest nightclub on the island. Up to date, Privilege continued to attract thousands of guests and has established as one of the most influential nightclubs on the island.

The Pink Lake of Torrevieja

A pink lake? Why not! Also known as Laguna Rosa de Torrevieja is one of the rare lagoons which consists of bacteria and algae that give the salty water its bubblegum hue. It looks like a colossal strawberry milkshake melted and the gooey mess pooled just outside the city. It has this belief that swimming in the lake will give you health benefits because of its therapeutic properties.

Chocolate Museum

Museu de la Xocolata is a gem for chocolate lovers. The museum is located in Barcelona which will take us through the history of chocolate. Turning it as a spicy drink to its delight as a French sweet. Guests are welcomed by a huge white chocolate ape named Snowy. Moreover, state-of-the-art sculptures such as Sagrada Familia and creatures from Parc Guell that are made entirely of chocolate will surely amaze you. The fun part is a variety of workshops for young and adults are also available.

Rent a Vespa

Rent a Vespa, the coolest of all scooters and discover Barcelona at your convenience. You can rent a scooter with a GPS pre-loaded with all the attractions that this beautiful city has to offer. The scooter rental shop is located in the city center, in the hip Borne neighborhood, and the beaches.

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