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Five of the Best At-Home Fitness Equipment for Busy Moms

Just because you’re now a mommy doesn’t mean you should stop looking after yourself!

If you loved getting fit before the arrival of your little troublemakers, working on your fitness now will only make you a happier mommy. And a happy mommy means happy kids!

However, we all know that being a mom – especially a working mom – means being super busy. All. The. Time! What with rushing to meetings, dropping your kiddies off at the day-care, making food, changing nappies, and jamming in some mommy and daddy time, finding time to go to the gym seems just… impossible.

That’s why home fitness is truly your best bet. When you find a spare five minutes, somewhere, somehow, you can just get going in the home!

Get your fitness up with these great home fitness resources:

A Yoga Mat

Yoga isn’t the most intensive kind of exercise – but don’t dismiss it for that! It has a whole host of wonderful health benefits. Yoga builds strength in a gentle, holistic way while decreasing stress. And if you think that means no burn – you’d be wrong!

The stretching of yoga may not look intensive, but believe us, it really can be. As you stretch muscles you haven’t worked in years, you build up strength and flexibility.

It improves health all across the spectrum – it increases your respiratory function, makes your muscles more resistant to injury and enhances your metabolism.

Just check out some of the free yoga content online and get going. This is one of the cheapest of home exercises, and one of the most soothing.


Hey now – don’t think hitting the weights is only for those who are seeking a bod like a bodybuilder! In truth, every woman would benefit from hitting the weights one to three times a week.

The best bit? They’re an inexpensive equipment you can keep in the home.

Lifting weights have aesthetic benefits – it tones belly fat and builds muscle – and real benefits for your health. Weightlifting reduces stress and lowers your risk of heart disease and cancer. To learn more tips and tricks for improving your health while a Mom, check out Big Kid Pants.

A Chin Up Bar

The at-home chin up bar is humble but mighty. If you’ve been building your core strength with yoga and weightlifting, the next logical step is seeing how well you can lift the weight of your own body.

Just the simple act of lifting your body up and down does wonders for toning your arms and upper body while building strength in your core, arms, and back.

Plus, lots of kids love having a go on a chin-up bar; it’s like having a set of monkey bars at home.

An Indoor Exercise Bike

By now, everyone knows of the benefits of cardio exercise. Because of this, it’s one of the most popular kinds of exercise around, and when most people begin getting fit, the first thing they do is buy a pair of running trainers and hit the streets.

In doing so, they’ll be enjoying all the anti-aging, de-stressing, weight loss benefits of cardio. However, continuous running can put a great strain on your knees.

Cycling is a much gentler form of cardio exercise. Working out on a bike takes all the pressure off your legs but gives you all the benefits of a rigorous work-out. However, taking to the hills on a speedy little road bike just isn’t always possible when you have kids.

An exercise bike means you can hop on at home without the worry of arranging care for your little ones.

An Exercise Ball

An exercise ball is another affordable piece of equipment that does wonders for increasing strength and flexibility overall. The amount of different exercises you can do with an exercise ball is seeming limitless – way too many to list here.

Most often it’s incorporated into routines with squats and push-ups to increase core strength while increasing abdominal muscle at a more intensive rate than without it.

With these resources and equipment, you can get the body of your dreams – at home!

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