Tips On Going On Trans-Siberian Holidays With The Kids

Many parents wonder if the Trans-Siberian trip is a good option when planning a family trip and if it is, just how easy is it going to be.

With lots to plan for and plenty to coordinate, the trip is an epic journey that requires time to prepare for.

Knowing that you’ll be traveling for several hours or days, kids can easily get bored. When you organise Trans Siberian holidays, make sure to pack your bags full of things to entertain the children and keep them occupied in between stops. Not only this but generally speaking, TV shows and reading materials will not be in English.

Even though this makes things trickier, it doesn’t mean the battle is lost. This article will provide some winning tips that will let you know exactly how to plan things so you can have a winning family expedition.

Tips For Trans-Siberian Tours With The Family

There’s not a great amount of onboard entertainment for kids. Also, a long journey can be pretty tedious for young minds with short attention spans. To help you with that, here are some great tips for you:

Choose a trip with plenty of stops.

You will have various options when it comes to booking different journeys.

You will want to book one of the slower trains that make more stops along the way. By breaking the journey up, you will ensure the kids have plenty of breaks and visit several places on the way.

Their curiosity is fed and you can book various sight-seeing tours and fun activities when you arrive at each stop. Try to stay clear of the fast trains, however, that only stop at the main cities.

Pack your own entertainment.

In your luggage, you will want to bring tablets, books, games, puzzles, checkers, cards, laptops and more. Whatever you can think of that will keep the kids entertained, bring it along! Make sure you have plenty of good films on the tablet or laptop ready to go as this will make things easier.

Bring treats.

Bringing treats and little snacks from home is a great idea. You can give them to your children along the way but also share them with local kids and it’s a great way for your family to connect with others on the journey.

Book tickets well in advance.

If you are planning for the summer holidays, as it is peak season, you will want to book your tickets before they sell out. When planning to make several stops on the way, you will need to book each train separately instead of the entire journey.

You’ll also want to plan out hikes and historical tours you want to do on the way too.

It’s good to consider whether you want a higher quality train or a lower one. Deciding first or second class can be tricky but sometimes opting with comfort for longer journeys is a great idea.

So, it can be done! Planning your family’s Trans-Siberian trip is definitely doable. And putting these tips into place will ensure everyone has a great trip.

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