Mother’s Day in the USA is coming up soon, on Sunday 13th May (save the date!) – therefore it’s about time you started thinking about what to get the most important lady in your life.

We’ve put together our perfect gifts for Mother’s Day to give you a little prompt. Have a browse, and we hope you find something special for your mom!

Fancy Chocolate Hamper

You can never go wrong with chocolates – but you could always go one step further with a hamper full of treats! Companies like Hotel Chocolat offer hampers packed with luxury chocolates in any flavor you can think of. Pick a selection of sweet treats your mom will love from a massive range of dark, white, milk and more original flavors.

Yankee Candle Gift Set

Everyone’s favorite candle company now have gift sets that include multiple varieties of their exquisite candles – one for every room in your mom’s house! Make your own set by choosing your favorite scents, or select a pre-made package. The brand’s most popular candles include Midnight Jasmine, Vanilla Cupcake, and Lemon Lavender scents – the choice is yours!

Personalized Jewelry

A bespoke piece of jewelry will be absolutely loved by any mom. This can come in any form: an engraved bracelet, initialized heart or star necklace, or keepsake cocktail ring in her favorite stone.


Every woman loves a bottle of her favorite perfume.

Perfume tends to be expensive, so a backup bottle for when she runs out will be wonderfully received. Or, take a chance and choose the one you think your mom will love!

Gardening Gifts

Does your mom have a green thumb? Help her out in the garden with a sweet floral-themed gift. New gardening gloves, plants or planters are a lovely idea to help her outdoor space look gorgeous all year round. Alternatively, a beautiful new vase and bunch of flowers for her kitchen or lounge make a great present.

Tech Gifts

For the high-tech moms out there, there are a number of options you could try here if you have some cash to splash:

  • A Fujifilm Instax instant camera – so she can snap polaroid pictures like she did when she was young.
  • A Fitbit smartwatch and fitness tracker – for the gym-going moms to track their fitness levels.
  • Michael Kors smartwatch – to always be on time and take calls in style.
  • Bluetooth speaker – so your mom can play her favorite tunes anywhere in the house (or outdoors) by linking to her smartphone or laptop.
  • Apple iPad – tablet computers are excellent gifts, allowing the owner to take photos, make video calls and browse the internet in a cute portable package. The latest versions now include great cameras and come in a choice of colors like rose gold or white and silver.


Your mom will love a new handbag or scarf – choose one in her favorite color and texture and you’re sure to be the favorite child this year! Or, choose her a new purse or wallet with this helpful women’s wallet brands guide.

Pamper Products

Lushly scented skincare and beauty products make thoughtful gifts that your mother will love using. Go for bath salts, hand creams, face masks and body butter – everything she needs for a pamper night in.


Loungewear has become a thing in recent years – for those not in the know, loungewear is a kind of transitional outfit to wear around the house, somewhere in-between normal clothes and pajamas!

Let your mom chill out in style by giving her a lovely plush velvet loungewear set!

Photo Book

A really thoughtful and unique present is to make your mom a personal photo book. This is a beautiful handmade gift that won’t break the bank. All you need is a nice photo album or A3-sized journal, photo prints of your favorite pics together (include baby photos, pictures of the whole family, her friends with a beautiful backdrop), and pens and stickers for decoration. Wrap it all up in a ribbon to present to your mom. And watch as she beams while flicking through her new memory book.

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  1. I am totally passing this onto my boyfriend. He always asks what I want for Mothers Day so now I can give him this list and let him pick!

  2. These are some nice ideas! I am loving the list, I’m thinking of getting my mom something simple–she doesn’t like it when I go “all-out,” haha. But I, on the other hand, would LOVE a new iPad. Thanks for sharing.

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