PR: Why do moms need to choose 100% distilled drinking water for their families?

The world knows of the various kinds of mothers: the nurturing mom, the permissive mom, the helicopter mom, the best friend mom, and so on, and despite the differences in parenting styles, only one thing remains true – every mom only has the purest intentions of love to their children.

Absolute Drinking Water has been a strong advocate on how mothers can bring out the best in them, and this greatly manifests on how well they can take care of their families. Knowing the essentials is the core foundation of good parenting – and this begins with knowing the right kind of water to serve inside the home.

Having clean drinking water is a basic human need, and we would want to make sure our families are protected from different health risks. Dangers can come from several sources, this is why moms should be vigilant when it comes to choosing the right drinking water. For the water may seem clean in appearance, but it may contain bacteria, viruses, chemicals and other waste particles. Consumption of contaminated water can lead to serious health issues that can be lethal.

“What is the best kind of water I should serve my family?” has been the long-standing question of every mom. Primarily because the market hosts to a lot of brands and options, and so the popular choice is to get the bottled water that fits within the budget. But one must know that water is differentiated and categorized based on the level of extensiveness of its cleaning process – and Absolute Distilled Drinking Water clears the air.

Know Your Water: Mineral vs Purified vs Distilled

Mineral water comes unprocessed, which makes it filled with various minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Although it is important to note that not all minerals found in a mineral water are necessary for the body. More so, there is a distinctive taste to it by nature brought by the minerals found inside it. It is bottled straight from the source and can be in the form of sparkling or still waters.

Purified water goes through additional processes, which is done to ensure other impurities are removed. Your purified drinking water may be coming from any source as long as it goes through a purification system that functions properly, and the water will almost always be very fit for drinking.

Distilled water is known to be the purest form of water because of the added step in water filtration that ensures that the water undergoes the most stringent distillation process. This additional process eliminates the minerals and all solid residues from the water source that may include toxic metals and chemicals. Thus, making this the cleanest and purest water of choice.

While there are several kinds of drinking water out in the market, mothers should only choose the one that lives up to its highest standards of safety and cleanliness.

So the next time you choose the kind of drinking water to serve at home – choose the water brand that only gives you 100% peace of mind. Because our choices are reflections of the purest intentions we give to our families, and you can only trust that Absolute is committed to deliver the safest and purest drinking water.


About Absolute Pure Distilled Drinking Water

Absolute Pure Distilled Drinking Water is certified and approved by the Bureau of Food and Drugs for meeting the country’s highest and strictest bottled drinking water standards. It is a member of the International Bottled Water Association.


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