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Five Ways That Mindfulness and Meditation Can Help You In 2018

Plenty of benefits can come out of practicing meditation and mindfulness.

But what do these two highly important words even mean? Well, mindfulness is a state of mind. It is a state of mind that involves being conscious and aware of the environment around you, in a calm manner that allows you to acknowledge and accept your feelings and sensations. According to Psychology Today, it means living in the moment without necessarily judging your feelings as either bad or good. According to the Greater Good Magazine, mindfulness actually has both physical and mental benefits in addition to its use as a therapeutic technique. Meditation, on the other hand, is the act of contemplating, and considering your thoughts on a particular matter.

Combined, these two life-changing techniques can help you in multiple ways in 2018. They can be helpful both in your day-to-day personal life and your professional side of things. So without further ado, here are the 5 ways that mindfulness and meditation can help you in 2018.

Reduce Stress

It’s been scientifically proven by research, that mindfulness and meditation can provide relief from stress.

When you remain mindful and practice to meditate your thoughts you are less likely to quarrel or cross paths with people. Additionally, mindfulness is believed to reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and boost memory. All of these roll down to one important thing… You can be a less stressful person if you practice to meditate and stay mindful.

Improved Cardiac and Nervous System Health

Meditation has also been proven by research to calm the nerves as well as the heart muscles. Another study published by Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, also found routine meditation to have long-term beneficial neurologic and cardiovascular effects. And since mindfulness improves sleep and relieves anxiety, mindfulness and meditation can improve both your cardiovascular and neurological health.

Become Happier At Work

How many times have you felt like quitting your job? Or better yet, how many times have you had a bad day at work? In most cases, the workplace becomes a torturing environment due to the lack of a proper way to approach, perceive, view, and handle matters and situations. It is mostly linked to your inner self-status, both mentally and emotionally. With a mindfulness and meditation program in place, you will be more effective in dealing with stress and more aware when handling issues.

You can be happier in the workplace.

More Emotionally Stable

Emotional stability is an important aspect not only in your professional life but also your social and personal lives. With a meditation and mindfulness program in place, you’ll be sort of in control of your feelings and emotions. You can monitor your thoughts and reactions to issues better. When someone pisses you off and you get really mad, how you handle the issue is what’s more important. Getting occasionally angry is nothing unusual. If you take the time to breathe, and perhaps get some fresh air outside, your nerves will calm and you’ll come back more composed. This may not be the case if you choose to react when angry. Mindfulness and meditation can improve your emotional intelligence; it can empower you, amp your decision-making skills, and perhaps make you a leader if not a better one.

Recover from Alcohol and Substance Use

According to EOC institute, meditation gives you a “natural high”.

Apparently, there are many reasons why the natural high from meditation can overpower any addiction known to man. This brings us to one important thing in the society. Mindfulness and meditation can help victims of alcohol addiction and substance abuse during recovery. They only have to discover the problem and accept rehabilitation. If it’s not for you, you may want to consider helping out a person you know is a victim.

If you come from Colorado or surrounding areas, you may want to get more information from the Colorado Drug Rehab at The Village Recovery. They are a good example of rehab facilities that use meditation and mindfulness as one of their treatment approaches for victims of alcohol addiction and substance abuse.  

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