I grew up in a household where Cream Silk conditioner is a staple in the bathroom.

I actually tried all their variants but my most favorite is the Standout Straight (pink variant) since I have natural straight hair. I love how it keeps my hair soft and smelling so fresh until the end of the day. Without it, my hair was always a mess, especially during hot season.

While summer is about having fun, pool parties, ice cream, and some outdoor fun activities, we all know that it also brings our hair at risk. Sweat and dust brought by summer can lead to hair problems such as dandruff, frizziness and hair fall. Summer also makes our hair extremely dry as it rips its moisture off. Sounds scary no? Now, let me ask you this – IS YOUR HAIR SUMMER-READY?

Lo and behold, Cream Silk, the country’s leading hair care brand, unveils every Modern Filipina’s fresh new pick for the summer, the NEW Limited Edition Cream Silk Fresh Hydration.

It has customized formulas with nutrients that penetrate and nourish every hair strand to transform your hair beyond beautiful.

It guarantees up to 24 hours of long-lasting freshness, without the greasy feel.

The packaging is screaming summer vibe! Elisse Joson looks fresh and vibrant too. Just like other Cream Silk variants, it also comes in a squeeze tube packaging. It’s handy and travel-friendly.

The product comes in a light blue color and smells really nice!

My hair feels smooth and refreshing after rinsing. Furthermore, I can easily comb it using my fingers despite having a thick hair. And what impresses me the most is that even after I sweat a lot during my 2-hr workout routine, my hair still smells fresh and not greasy at all! As in WOW! I think I have found my NEW favorite!

Sadly, this is a limited edition available only for summer. So you’d better go to your leading supermarkets and drugstores to hoard before it runs out! SRP is P109 for 170ml and P197.50 for 340ml.

Have you tried the NEW Limited Edition Cream Silk Fresh Hydration?




12 Replies to “Cream Silk Fresh Hydration Conditioner [Review]

  1. I really like to use it!
    Tiyak na magiging cool and refresh ang feeling ko at maganda pa sa buhok.. good and nice smell

  2. I don’t usually buy conditioner kasi tamad ko magconditioner. I prefer shampoo with conditioner para isahan na lang, hehehe! But I use conditioner from time to time, especially pag summer season, nakakadry ng hair after magswimming sa beach or pool.

  3. Wow! I never thought that Cream silk will make another product perfect for summer. I would really love to try this lalo na sa aking newly-rebonded hair.

  4. Havent tried this yet. Im using a sulfate free conditioner as they claim to care for the hair daw. Kaso it seems di naman ako nagconditioner so i went back to my fave conditioner. Will check this out in a supermarket near ours.

  5. Creamsilk is my default conditioner, too! I’m excited to try this variant – kakabili lang kasi ng another conditioner, so when it runs out, I’ll surely try this!

  6. I havent tried this new creamsilk. But like you, creamsilk (and another brand, bale palitan lang sila) ang staple sa bathroom ko. Ill just finish my stash and try this new one.

  7. Marami talaga ang Creamsilk users, even in this comment thread o, dami! haha. Yas, creamsilk is my go-to Condi for a veeery long time already also. This one seems promising ha. I’ll check this sa next grocery. Sana available na sa local supermarket na binibilan ko.

  8. Ex user of Cream Silk. No complaints whatsoever, it’s just that my hairfall is so bad, I had to shift to all organic anti-hairfall hair products to lessen it.

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