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A Guide to Storing Gardening Tools

The average garden always looks well-kept and in order to maintain this level of tidiness, the homeowner needs an arsenal of essential tools.

The lawnmower would be a major requirement. Whether you have a push mower or a ride on a machine, it should be carefully stored once the cutting season is over. This is one piece of equipment that should not be left outside, so make sure you have room in the garage, or perhaps keep it in the log cabin for the winter.

Tailored Log Cabin

If you are considering adding some summer living space, why not contact an online supplier who has log cabins for sale? There are some established suppliers who also have a show facility. After browsing their website, you can actually experience your preferred unit in a real-life setting, before finally making a decision. Once you have chosen your unit, you can utilize the sides for hanging your gardening tools by adding a few well-placed hooks. Clipping shears, spades, and rakes can all be hung from the rear, which gives the tools protection without causing an eyesore.

Liberal Use of Oil

Rust is your biggest enemy. And at the end of the summer, it pays to cover all your hand tools in oil. In which will protect the metal surface from rust. Once this is done, you can safely store the tools without the worry of finding them covered in rust next spring. With home thefts on the rise, it is wise to keep all of your tools under lock and key. If you would like some further reading on how to care for garden tools, there are online guides on the topic.

Bespoke Shelving

If you do have a log cabin, you can add some hooks and shelving that will be the ideal place for tool storage.

If you are handy around the house, this is something you can do yourself. Otherwise call in your local handyman, who would be happy to oblige. This way, you can build the storage to suit the items. Rather than the other way around, and with tailored shelving, everything will have its place.

The Importance of Cleaning

Both hand and power tools need to be properly cleaned before storing. As this makes it much easier when the time comes to use them again. A pressure water gun will effectively remove caked on dirt and mud from all gardening tools. And remember to dry the surfaces before applying some protective oil.

Porch Storage

Some people prefer to keep their gardening tools on the porch, as this also provides some weather protection as well as ensuring they don’t vanish overnight. The modern log cabin has special storage facilities to keep your gardening equipment. Anything extra, you can make your own storage space at the rear of the unit.

Buying the right style of log cabin will effectively take care of your garden tool storage. And with online suppliers, you can browse to your heart’s content before finally deciding on a suitable cabin.

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