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Our Weekend at Cleeve Hills Tagaytay

It was love at first sight.

The first time we were there was during my client’s garden wedding last November. When we first came inside the house, I felt nothing but amazement. The house actually reminded me of our Thunderbird Poro Point getaway when we celebrated our son’s 2nd birthday. Both have a whitewashed structure with nice interiors which I really love. And because of that, Hubby and I decided to celebrate our Cloud’s 3rd birthday at Cleeve Hills Tagaytay. We booked a 2-night stay for the celebration.

The day finally came. Unfortunately, it was raining non-stop in Quezon City. We prayed for a nice weather in Tagaytay or otherwise, we will have the party inside the house.

Anyway, it took us 4 hours (11 am to 3 pm) to reach Tagaytay. We experienced the horrible traffic after AUP (Adventist University of the Philippines) as we were approaching Tagaytay Town Proper.

Sadly, it was drizzling and very cold when we arrived at the house.

Cleeve Hills Tagaytay is a 4-storey building with 4 bedrooms with bathroom, shared dining and living area, a kitchen and common restroom on the roofdeck. They also have a garden and a spacious reception (fits 150 to 200 pax) perfect for events such as weddings and gatherings.

Living and Dining Area (1st Floor)
The scooter brings a vintage vibe to the living room.

Dining Area. [Oh, say HI to the birthday boy!]
Meanwhile, the bedrooms are typical in design and same goes for the bathrooms. They are located in the basement and second floor.

Here is one of the bedrooms in the basement. It is airconditioned and has an LCD TV with cable.

The bathroom has a shower enclosure and provided basic toiletries and towels. There is also a huge closet in front of the bathroom door.

Basement hallway that leads you to the garden

Here is our bedroom for 2 nights. I love that it has more windows to check the weather from time to time lols.

Kitchen Area (Deck)
Common Bathroom (Deck)
Preparation Table (Deck)
We were supposed to have a barbecue party 🙁
Another side of the garden. On the right side, you can see Taal Volcano, Mt. Makiling and Mt. Malarayat.
Over there is the reception area.
The driveway

What I like about Cleeve Hills Tagaytay? 🙂

  1. The caretakers – Kuya Rey, and his wife are friendly and accommodating. They even helped us with the BBQ grill. Gigi which is the owner is responsive on Viber App and accommodating as well. She made sure we were comfortable during our stay.
  2. The caretakers did a great job in maintaining the cleanliness of the house.
  3. The place is peaceful and quiet. The rooms are spacious and relaxing.
  4. Has cable and Wi-Fi connection. They also provided FREE drinking water.
  5. Reasonable price. Rent the entire house for P10500 per day (for 8pax) plus P5000 for the event fee. Additional P400/head per night in excess of 8pax.

Though I have few concerns.. 🙁

  1. Their signage on the road is too small. It’s like a small piece of wood. I just hope they come up with a bigger one. We almost got lost as we didn’t see the signage due to fog.
  2. The heaters are solar operated. And since it was raining during our stay, we weren’t able to use them. They provided the old school type as a backup, wherein you dip it in the water, plug it in and wait until it is hot. We are 11 in the group but they only provided 1 heater. To our dismay, no one wanted to use it. Some of us didn’t even take a shower. I was really disappointed. The heater is a must in a place like Tagaytay, whether it is raining or not. Isn’t it nice to have a hot shower while it is freezing outside? Anyway, I already told Gigi and she was sorry. I hope they do something about it.
  3. Our bathroom has no lock which is uncomfortable.
  4. Some of the bulbs in our room aren’t working.
  5. One of the Bedroom’s ACU is leaking.

So what happened to the birthday party? Well, we celebrated inside the house since the drizzle hasn’t stopped lols. Some of the guests still went out and took photos once in a while (even if it’s raining) just to take advantage of the view. Kasi sayang talaga! Overall, Cloud’s birthday party was a blast! We are very grateful to our guests who spent their weekend with us! Thank you guys!

Cleeve Hills Tagaytay

16 Comments on “Our Weekend at Cleeve Hills Tagaytay

  1. This is a great review of the place, sis! I am looking for a place where we can celebrate my sister’s birthday and most reviews don’t provide a detailed description of the place. Glad I came upon this one 🙂

  2. The place is nice and it is good to know that it can accommodate big groups. This is a good option because hotels in Tagaytay are not cheap. But I hope they will maintain and improve the place. I feel you about the water heater, ayaw ko rin gamitn yung ganyan at feeling ko makukuryente ako. hehehe!

  3. That looks like a lovely place to stay. Such an amazing view too. I’d love to be able to go there and see the beautiful view.

  4. Very honest review. I love the surroundings and the view. It looks very peaceful. It looks like you all had a good time. Happy Birthday to your son!

  5. Nice! The view would be so nice if it wasn’t raining. I hope you had a blast despite it. And I also hope they will have some improvements in the building.

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