The Rise Of Bespoke Engagement Rings

Research says that millennial couples are opting for bespoke engagement rings more and more these days.

It seems that some of the stand out reasons for their surge in popularity is due to the scope it allows for creativity. Partners are realizing how much they can shape their rings to reflect their personalities. You can discover Serendipity Diamonds here who offer bespoke custom-made engagement rings.

Despite the fact they are on trend, there are several benefits to creating engagement rings. Firstly, however, let’s look at why they are gaining popularity.

Why Are Bespoke Engagement Rings Becoming So Popular?

The millennial generation is commonly choosing colored gemstones not only for affordability factors. Different shades stand out more and allow people to express their individuality. Even though diamond engagement rings are still the most purchased, people love getting them personalized.

The new consumers getting married these days want something created just for them. They also prefer not to have something that is trendy. The element of uniqueness is a key part of what makes them want to go down the bespoke route.

The popularity is increasing on a global scale. As a result, suppliers are increasing their bespoke range to adapt to the changing marketplace. Some brands even make ready-made engagement rings that fit the millennials’ preferences.

Moreover, vintage and Art Deco are getting ever more popular among the younger generation. Gemstones that charm and unusual cuts are often go-to choices as the people getting married today love something distinctive!

What are some benefits of going with bespoke?

There are several pros to going down the custom route but some of the main things are:

You’re in the driving seat.

You have the majority of creative control in the design process. From the size to the metal used, the ring is a blank slate for you to create your ultimate engagement ring. This may make the ring even more special to you as a couple and individual.

The value is great.

There are surprisingly some great deals you can get with custom made. And it turns out to be the cheaper option. This is because the jeweler can distinguish the prices of the work and materials that comprise the ring. In addition, some of the most popular brands inflate prices and smaller retailers who offer bespoke services, won’t do this.

It’s romantic.

It will create a truly unforgettable experience for you and your loved one. Not only will you both be a part of this life-long choice but both have a say on how the ring is designed as well. It’s something fun and special you can make which lasts beyond a lifetime.

It’s the luxurious choice.

You get taken through the complete process by the designer and getting it done is a highly indulgent experience. Your jeweler can spend several weeks working on your rings and devoting their complete attention to it. You feel super special and end up with a very special custom ring at the end of it all!

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