My Novuskin Lift Journey [The Last Leg]

Feb 18, 2018 | Beauty & Fashion | 21 comments

If you follow this blog (I hope you are 🙂 ), you would know that I’m currently on my Novuskin Lift Journey.

It’s a 3-month trial period taking the Novuskin Lift. It is a natural anti-aging and skin brightening, formulated with 18 of nature’s finest rejuvenating ingredients. The unique combination of marine fish collagen, plant-derived antioxidants, and co-factor nutrients. These natural ingredients work synergistically to slow down aging and brighten the skin.

Benefits of taking Novuskin Lift:

  • Helps prevent premature skin aging
  • Moisturizes and helps protect the skin from daily UV ray exposure
  • Improves the skin’s elasticity
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines
  • Brightens the skin

Natural Anti-Aging Ingredients

  1. Marine Fish Collage
  2. Grape Seed Extract
  3. L-Glutathione
  4. Green Tea Extract
  5. Tomato Extract
  6. Ascorbic Acid
  7. D-Alpha Tocopherol Acetate
  8. Soy Protein Isolate
  9. Selenium Amino Acid Chelate
  10. Yeast Extract
  11. Horsetail Extract
  12. Pine Bark Extract
  13. Korean Ginseng Extract
  14. Zinc Gluconate
  15. Copper Gluconate
  16. Manganese Sulfate Monohydrate
  17. Oryza Ceramide
  18. Ubidecarenone (Co Q 10)


Photo was taken using iPhone 6 (front camera)

Here is my skin looks like after 3 months of taking #NovuskinLift. No makeup and no filter at all. Unfortunately, I do not have the before photo but I can definitely feel and tell that my skin improved as I go through my #NovuskinLiftJourney. My dark spots were lightened and my skin feels tight too. I may still have occasional bumps during the time of the month but I noticed that they disappear quickly than usual.

Moreover, as I have mentioned in my 2nd-month entry, my sleep routine has changed as well. I can now sleep around 10 in the evening and wake up the next day full of energy.

With proper diet and exercise, you could expect better results from Novuskin Lift.

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Novuskin Lift (P2,950) contains 30 tables and are available at Mercury Drug and Watsons outlets nationwide.









  1. Tara Pittman

    The ingredient list is ones that I would take. The collagen part is what I like.

  2. Sarah Bailey

    It has been really interesting to follow your journey with Novuskin! It looks like for you it has been something that has worked. Though I have to admit I’ve not tried using supplements for my skin.

  3. Kristi Ann

    Oh wow! What amazing results! Thank you for sharing such an honest post about this!

  4. Ruthie Ridley

    Looks like something I need in my life! This is awesome!!

  5. Christina Polovich

    Been looking for the perfect product to help me get rid of my wrinkles. With this article, I know I found the answers to my prayers.

  6. Ericka

    Girl I will take anything to help with my aging 🙂 Collagen is so important for us.

  7. maria magdalena

    nice, collagen is good for our skin. Even i’m not a woman who love the beauty products.

  8. Carrie

    Thanks for an honest review! It sounds like a great product!

  9. Wendy Polisi

    That looks like a really nice vitamin. I have to have this one!

  10. Irina Rena

    I would love to try an anti aging routine. This looks like a great way to start!

  11. Sonal

    Love the transition in your skin and reading g about your experience with the product.

  12. Jennifer L

    Wow this is absolutely fantastic. I love that it has all these amazing extracts, and the after photo is fantastic. Going to be checking these pills out.

  13. Ada

    Oh this sounds awesome! I need to check it out.

  14. Candy Rachelle

    This NuvoSkin Lift looks really effective to you. You are glowing and have a flawless face.

  15. Stephanie Jeannot

    Wow. Your skin is really glowing and looks great. I see. Great results.

  16. Athena

    NuvoSkin seems like a very interesting product and you look great. I am at an age where I would love to have my face be a little more flawless – like my younger years.

  17. Becca Wilson

    This looks like it has been a good journey so far. I have never heard of this before!

  18. Krystel

    The difference looks fantastic. I am going to have to check into this

  19. Carissa

    This looks great! I’m sure it would make a big difference for me.

  20. Garf

    This product sounds great. Amazing result for sure.

  21. Fan R

    I am glad to see that this product works. I see the real difference in your skin! Aging is not my best companion!


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