We live in a world of miraculous inventions and Instant Pot is on top of every working woman’s list. With convenience at heart, Instant Pot comes with a wide array of features that have revolutionized cooking like never before. By allowing you to cook nearly every recipe in the world, it makes every amateur a chef in a very short period of time (literally).

Perfect for those with a family and professional life to balance, Instant Pot eliminates the need of almost any other appliance in the kitchen. Since around 70% of its recipes take 25 minutes or less, you can try a variety of foods once you bring this baby home. If you are on the brink of buying an instant pot, this detailed review will help you dig down further into the product.

Here are 5 ways Instant Pot saves you your precious time and energy.

1. Quick Release Button

If you’re preparing something that involves pressure cooking, you will be needing the Quick Release button. Once the pressure cooking time has finished, you have two ways to release the steam i.e. Natural Pressure Release and Quick Pressure Release. The quick pressure release will require you to shift the valve from sealing to venting. When the pressure has been released, the float valve drops, unlocking the lid. This saves you the waiting time for the pressure to release on its own.

2. Pressure Cooker Speeds up the Cooking

Depending on the recipe you’re planning to cook today, Instant Pot is both, a slow cooker and a pressure cooker in one. By speeding up cooking approximately 10 times the usual time, it saves you electricity and time, without having to compromise on the result. Since it has 6 more functions to offer compared to an ordinary pressure cooker, Instant Pot is a must buy for your kitchen.

3. Do Multiple Tasks at Once

Instant Pot eases your every day cooking routine by letting you do multiple tasks at once. No, this does not mean you can cook multiple items in the appliance. Rather, it functions on its own once you’ve selected the cooking option. You won’t need to simmer or stir every now and then and can continue with other tasks alongside whether its chopping vegetables for the salad or cleaning the dishes from last night.

4. Batch Cooking

They say batch cooking and Instant Pot are a match made in heaven. Clearly, they aren’t wrong. Instant Pot lets you perform several functions at once and is super helpful when it comes to eating frozen food for coming days or weeks. Who needs a defrost button when you can directly heat the frozen meal in your Instant Pot? Get chicken broth, yogurt, steamed chicken in a fraction of the time that you earlier used to. Cook your meals in advance to avoid the kitchen for a busy week ahead.

5. Multi-Function Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot comes is a multipurpose technology which means you bid farewell to all the extra pans and pots in your kitchen. By simply pressing the desired button, you can prepare rice, yogurt, steamed vegetables/meat/stew, saute your mixture or slow cook in pressure cooker mode as well as keep it warm for as long as 10 hours!

Preparing meals was never that easy and fun.

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  1. My second instant pot is a duplicate IP duo50. It also remembers my previous setting on the timer. My first IP duo50 does not. Bought the first in Nov.and the second in Feb.

  2. This is what I am looking for. Nice way to cook with instant pot to save time with delicious meals, but easy recipes.

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