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How to Choose a Mattress if You Sleep on Your Right Side

According to specialists, over 40% of the world population likes sleeping on one side.

Of course, there are different positions you can adopt as a side sleeper, but more often than not, you will find yourself with one arm under you and maybe the knees bent.

This position puts a strain on your hips, neck, and shoulders area which is why it’s important to find a mattress that will accommodate your habits. Producers everywhere already tailored their offer to include mattresses designed for certain sleeping positions so it shouldn’t be difficult, but there are a few aspects to consider.

The Trial Period is Important

This has nothing to do with the mattress’s construction, and everything to do with the store that sells it. Most brick and mortar stores have sales consultants that will lure you in with the promise of a great price and the idea that you can test the product before you take it home.

Still, the test you do in the store is absolutely worthless because you won’t have the time to get used to the mattress. You don’t feel the misalignment of side sleeping by laying on a surface for five minutes; it takes at least one night!

So, to make sure the bed you buy will accommodate your position, I recommend buying from an online store. Nowadays they have amazing products, they usually take care of shipping, and most support a 100-nights trial period.

A trial period means that you can return the mattress and get your money back if you feel it’s not the right product for your needs. Of course, you may find this type of offer in a traditional store as well, but it’s important to get it.

This way, you’ll have the chance to test the mattress in your home, for at least a couple of months.

Foam Mattresses are The Bests

According to, the best material you can choose for a mattress is a type of foam. This is true because foam can support your spine’s alignment when lying on the side without creating any pressure points.

Usually, with the products available on the market, you’ll have to choose between memory foam and latex. I like to recommend memory foam for everyone who asks because it’s more affordable and comes with nice features such as a responsive surface. However, if you’re into ecologic materials, latex may be the best choice for you.

You Need Medium Density

The quality of the foam is measured by the level of density. And a side sleeper needs a soft surface supported by a denser inner core. This way, even if the top layer allows your body to sink in. The inner layer is still keeping the spine in alignment.

For a memory foam mattress, I recommend getting 5lb foam. Which is the best on the market (especially for side sleepers). The cool thing with memory foam is that you can choose a mattress with gel insertions. These are added to keep the surface cool and allow air to flow during the night, but they also serve as an allergen repellant.

Latex (when it’s 100% natural fiber) is also good at keeping allergens away and the dense structure in both types of foam doesn’t allow bedbugs to infest your mattress.

You Want a Responsive Surface

Memory foam has a very nice quality that allows it to take the shape of your body when you lay still. And also bounce back to its initial shape when you change positions. This is what makes it so great for people who sleep on their side. But you also need to make sure the response time is short. If it takes too long, you risk feeling like being trapped by sand, which is not comfortable.

Overall, it’s important to select a mattress that’s both responsive and has a medium firmness level. This will help release pressure points for side sleepers and improve your quality of sleep.

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