Getting my 3-year old son to drink water is an on-going battle.

He always prefers chocolate-flavored drinks and fruit juices (thank God no soda yet!) to cap off his meal. I let him decide on what to drink but also make sure he still takes a good amount water in between. Being an active toddler, my son needs an adequate amount of water to keep his body working properly. Water is constantly being lost from their body. So if they don’t drink enough they become dehydrated that can cause tiredness, dry skin and reduced mental performance.

Furthermore, sweetened drinks don’t really rehydrate the body as efficiently as water. In fact, fizzy drinks make the body lose more water by stimulating urine production. So, when it comes to water replenishment, nothing beats water.

Drinking a good amount of water prevents obesity.

Sugary drinks are loaded with calories and of course, sugar. Studies have found links to prevalent child obesity and flavored drinks, which is why some schools have mandated bans on such. Eating nutritious meals and drinking lots of water can help kids maintain a healthy body and weight.

When your child supplies his body with enough water, it will help to flush out toxins and the nutrients from his food are more likely to be efficiently distributed to all of her internal organs.

Consuming too much-sweetened drinks has shown to affect a kid’s appetite. If a healthy diet is a top priority, make sure they only consume sugary drinks occasionally, and more importantly to establish water as the first choice when they are thirsty.

Lastly, water is inexpensive, calorie-free and with tons of health benefits compared to sweetened or flavored drinks.

There is more to water for everyone, but one thing is clear: water is better than any other drink alternative. To encourage your kids to love drinking water, educate them on its benefits and how it functions in their bodies. Always make it available and accessible to them, and make it drinking water a fun occasion for the family.

Absolute Drinking Water, in its mission to encourage kids to drink more water, has collaborated with The Walt Disney Company Philippines to launch kiddie water bottles with the iconic Disney characters on them. This is to promote the value of water hydration and make it an exciting and fun choice over sweetened drinks.

Disney Princesses – Belle, Snow White, and Frozen sisters Anna and Elsa. As well as other iconic Disney characters Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and father and son tandem Marlin and Nemo, will be gracing the decorative Absolute Distilled 250ml bottles.

The Absolute Disney kiddie bottle is one of its continuing efforts to promote love for the family. By endorsing the consumption of clean drinking water that ensures good health.

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13 Replies to “Benefits of Drinking Water for Children

  1. We always try to make sure the kids get plenty of water when it is hot. I think the grandkids would love the Disney water bottles.

  2. Oh this is wonderful! I am so pleased to see a company making water look appealing to children and marketing something so nutritious to little ones, and to see writers like you sharing it!! 🙂

  3. I love fostering a love for water over sugary drinks. Thankfully, my kids DO love water so it’s not a struggle to get them to drink it.

  4. Water keeps their systems flushed which can be great to fight sickness. I’m all for kids drinking more water!

  5. Yes! I agree with everything about this post. I love the focus here and definitely think water should make a comeback among the younger generations!

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