Cloud’s Third Birthday Party at School

After the Christmas rush, the next thing I look forward to is Cloud’s birthday.

Last year, we celebrated his birthday at Thunderbird Poro Point Resort in La Union. For this year, since Cloud has started his school as Junior Nursery, we decided to organize a small birthday bash with his teachers and classmates. The preparation goes smoothly since they were only 17 kids in the class plus 7 teachers and assistants. Also, we were only given 1 hour for the celebration. It was very easy compared to his first birthday party that I planned for more than six months lols.

Anyway, since it was a very simple celebration, there are only a few things that we needed.  Invitation. Food. Cake. Balloon. Lootbag. That’s it. I will break down the expenses at the end of this post.


I made this using Canva. It’s a website wherein you can create designs, logos, presentation and etc using its drag-and-drop feature and layouts. I’ve been using Canva for almost a year now and I love how it easy to navigate. Since this is for FREE, I only spent 100php for printing and white envelope.











We wanted something kids would enjoy so we decided to get them McDonald’s Happy Meal. Unfortunately, the spaghetti and burger were not available that time, therefore we ordered one-piece chicken and small fries instead. For drinks, it was Sunkist Orange and Zest-O.

For teachers, we prepared a home-cooked pancit bihon paired with cheese bread.


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Our cake was from Red Ribbon. It’s an 8×12 Rainbow Dedication Cake.


Balloons, Loot bags, Prizes

Where to buy the cheapest party needs and toys? Divisoria! As far as I remember we only spent 500 pesos for toys and balloons. Meanwhile, the candies were from the grocery for 300 pesos. The Transformers loot bags were bought from a Shopee seller while the plain red ones are extras from Cloud’s first birthday party.


The party was a blast! The kids, most especially Cloud love everything that we prepared. We had two games, the all-time favorite Stop Dance, and the longest Happy Birthday tune. Each winner won a Mickey Mouse Puzzle Box from Toys R Us worth 75 pesos. A bag of candies for consolation.


And here’s our little birthday boy dancing to the tune of Baby Shark.


Our expenses as follows:

  1. Invitation (printing) – P100
  2. Food (McDonalds Happy Meal w/ Sunkist) – P145/each for 17 kids = P2465
  3. Food (Pancit Bihon + Cheese Bread + Zest-O) – around P1000
  4. Red Ribbon Cake – P605
  5. Balloons, Toys, Prizes = P650
  6. Candies – P300
  7. Lootbag from Shopee (@favorsandprintsph) – P300 (Pack of 12) + 30 shipping

TOTAL = P5450

So yeah, I hope you find this post helpful! And thanks for dropping by!

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  1. Ahh Happy birthday Cloud!! Birthdays can get really expensive, we have my daughters 6th birthday at the end of the month and I have just booked her party. It’s adding up!

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