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Four Tips to Restructuring the Employment Structure of Your Organization

Change is inevitable no matter what kind of business you are involved in.

Some employees may not be very open to transition. Some may even try to fight it or question you about it. So, why should a company make changes in the employment structure?  There are few factors that may result in a restructuring of an organization. It includes the need to improve quality and the need to downsize the organization. Or it could be the employer is looking to bring in new technology or method. Another reason why a restructure may be required is when withdrawing a job offer due to sickness absence.

Whichever the reason, here are some tips for restructuring an employment structure that will ensure the process is smooth and acceptable to all employees.

Proper Communication

In any organization, good communication is paramount.

When looking to making changes to the employment structure, the first step to take is to inform the employees early enough.  Communication may be done through a memo or email or any other means. This will ensure every single employee gets the message.  Early communication will prepare them mentally for the changes.  Ensure that your communication gives the reasons why the changes are being done and who will be affected.

Good Preparation and Planning

The second step to restructuring is preparation and planning.  Take time to look at each department and section.  Find out each employee’s strengths and weaknesses and know where they can fit best.  Remember that the main purpose of restructuring is to improve the performance of the organization as a whole.  Have a written plan and always go back to it whenever you need to consult or to add something.  Having a well-written plan will ensure that nothing is forgotten or overlooked.

Involve and Consult the Employees

The key to success is the involvement of the employees because they are the ones who are directly affected by the restructuring.  A discussion with your employees will help to know their expectations and needs. Also, what they feel about the changes and what they expect to gain out of it.

Involving every individual employee may not be possible especially in a big organization.

In such a case, a representative may be chosen from each department to represent the rest.  When the employees are involved, it increases their confidence in the process.

Use Managers to Confirm the New Structure

After dealing with the employees, you should then get the manager’s’ feedback.  The managers know the employees far better and will give you the information on who fits where. Involving the managers will also help lighten their workload when trying to implement the new structure.

Restructuring the employment structure may be a great challenge. But with communication and proper planning, you can be guaranteed of a smooth transition and a happy workplace.

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